Sunday, 24 January 2010

my first orgasm in 2 months

i go shop for groceries on my way home from work. As i get home, everybody else is kind of piled up in a big heap in a bed. i put the stuff in the fridge and cabinets, empty dishwasher, clean up the kitchen and eat. i ask Mistress for assignments, i just have to take out biowaste, and i have free time: Femdom and car safety. i am looking for a small, environment friendly car for myself. i am going to hand over my big Saab to Mistress.

At supper time i emerge from my study, and make myself a sandwich like everyone else. Mistress gets a call from Her mom, i get back to the pc, but as the call goes on, i go to tuck Lina in.

Mistress hangs up, tells me to clean up the kitchen and report. i do it and close the pc, and report at attention. W/we go upstairs, i dress up in a small sleeveless shir and pyjama pants, i take off my socks. i report in bedroom and arrange it a bit. Then She sits on the bed, as i stand at attention and then kneel up, as She rags me about having to read the end of the architecture book Herself etc.

Then Mistress surprisingly asks me to get the keys to the toy chest. She tells me to open it and takes stockings. i may take off Her socks and put stockings on Her. She takes the posture collar and a body harness consisting of straps and puts the collar on me. i have to put on the harness. She orders me to lock the door, put on a condom and lie on the bed, so that W/we can have a full body hug. i may kiss Her upper thighs and buttocks. Then She puts me on my back and sits on a riding position on my penis. She does the moving at first, then raises Herself a bit and pulls on my harness to signal me to start fucking from below. i develop a new style of hitting my buttocks on the surface of the bed so hard that i get a bounce for the next thrust. i get effective thrusts this way. My hands are by my sides, i can feel Her buttocks. She seems to like it. She starts to move Herself again, takes my hands to Her buttocks and i squeeze them against myself.

Mistress orders me on my side, settles by me on Her side facing away and guides me in from behind. i try to start slowly, so that i can speed up later, but She says i’m too slow. i speed up, and occasionally short thrusts deep inside Her to prevent me from cumming too early. She starts to cum, but oh no, i start to cum as well. i get my first orgasm in two months. The feeling is intoxicating, the orgasm is strong, a lot of semen spurts out, but right after orgasm i get strong pain in my prostrate that causes me to sob. In pain i take off the harness, collar and go sit in the toilet until the pain dies out. i have had this problem from time to time, most time the pain strikes after the orgasm. i have consulted a doctor, but he couldn't help, the prostate seemed normal. Weird.

Anyway, it was possible for me to withdraw from orgasm for two months based on will power only, as these days i didn’t have any chastity belt.

PS. All the posts i have made until now are based on my diary during these 2 months, couple of years ago (mostly one post per day)

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