Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Ironic assignment

On Tuesday i’m still attentive to her despite my orgasm. i wake up early to epilate, after i get home from work i ask her for orders. Casual clothes, eating oldest leftovers, cleaning up kitchen. Mistress is leaving for an exhibition, but is not intending to leave much free time for me. She orders me to warm up the sauna, and weed the strawberry rows during that, and bath with the kids. i do all this, and afterwards i go to net, write a text to the reader’s column in the paper and surf for some Femdom.

Mistress gets back, we eat all together. She accepts my piece of writing to be sent. She goes to tuck kids in, i slip to my pc, and as i hear her come down, i close the pc. She scolds me for not trailing Her any more. Then upstairs, bedroom ready, She undresses, i pick up Her clothes one by one from the floor or catch them mid air and put them in place. Then i wait kneeling as She chats with me, and makes me beg to be allowed to read her new book aloud – cultural history of the family. My second ty on begging sounds convincing and i may read Her about the overpowered status of the male in the 18th century family. It’s her wonderful irony, that i don’t even know how long i have to read this to Her. i start a paragraph after another, nearly an hour, until my knees hurt really bad. In the middle of one paragraph She orders me to stop and go to sleep.

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