Friday, 15 January 2010

masturbation privileges

On Friday i copy a book for Mats after work and shop for groceries ac cording to a list compiled by Mistress. Her mother is on a visit, but She orders me around pretty openly. Clothes, food, cleaning up kitchen, taking kids to swimming rehearsals. Laying the table for supper. Later i get an assignment to find facts for our next holiday in the net, and again i use the opportunity to also visit some Femdom sites.

Mistress tells me to go to sleep, but as i arrive in the bedroom She sends me for a two minutes masturbation in the bathroom. i go to the laptop again, set a clock on the table, and start masturbating. i have time for two ruined orgasms, some semen dribbles on the floor. i lick it off the floor, wash up and to sleep.

On Saturday i make porridge first, then get some wine from the spirit store. We go to a long Spanish lesson with Mistress. W/we have started to brush up our Spanish skills together. As W/we get home, Mistress’s mom has made a meal, W/we eat, i clear the table and clean up the kitchen and She sends me to mow the lawn. i must also saw some logs, we have felled some trees. After that taking laundry to cabinets, doing some written assignments (+peeping into Femdom sites), preparing sandwiches for supper.

W/we eat, and as Mistress goes to tuck kids in without giving me orders, i slink to my laptop again. i stop that as Mistress and Her mom start watching TV, i prepare the bedroom, and do some plucking of my ball hair in the bathroom. As She arrives upstairs She thinks i have arranged some fun of my own, but says i am allowed to use 5 minutes tomorrow for masturbating. i must find time for that during my chores. Then i wait on my knees until She has finished reading Her architecture book, and to sleep W/we go.

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