Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Mistress checks out my epilated crotch

On Monday i call Mistress from a bakery. She gets me permission to buy cheap pastries. At home She orders me to change to garden clothes, eat and go finish the shed off wearing plastic as it’s raining. Today i get it ready. i have to take a break before that and get Lina home from her friend wearing the same plastic outfit.

Mistress offers a glass of wine to U/us as the long project is finished. i make supper for me and Mistress, then i motion to the laptop, but She shakes Her head, the first net ban. So i clean up the kitchen, pour more wine to Mistress, wait for new orders by Her. She orders U/us to sleep early, switch off the lights. i must return from upstairs to take care of small tasks, fill washing machine, then to take Mistress’s wine glass to dishwasher. Mistress tucks Lina in, i wait by. i must put toothpaste (everyone’s got his/her own) ready to all toothbrushes.

Mistress comes to observe me as i change to pyjamas. She strokes my smooth epilated skin down on top of my penis. She is happy the exfoliating cream has recovered my skin.

i get scolded in bedroom as i have not turned the lights on. She disrobes. i collect Her clothes from the floor to laundry piles. i wait at attention for Her to come. She makes me read the architecture book sitting on the bed. No sex, though i get a hard on just for seeing Her naked body.

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