Sunday, 3 January 2010

Monday night fuck

On Monday i came home from work early, talking on a conference call. A kiss, work clothes, tortilla (i only eat one, stop right when i’m not hungry any more – i’m losing weight, though i’m slender), then out to work with the shed. It starts raining, W/we put on full set of rain clothes (plastic coat, plastic trousers, kitchen rubber gloves).

Inside, take a shower, permission for using exfoliating cream on my pubes. Pyjamas on. Mistress is emptying the dishwasher, lets me take over, fill it again and clean up kitchen. i also wash the walls, because yesterday She noticed some stains on them. Then supper things out and tea for Mistress.

Mistress starts testing Mats who is having a biology exam tomorrow. i say i could go to net and pay the bills, and look at Mistress, who doesn’t interfere. i pay the bills, but i also browse Femdom sites, even a long time, as testing takes even two hours.

Then upstairs, preparing bedroom, collecting and piling Mistress’s clothes as She undresses, washing teeth, tucking Mats in. i have to make a few trips downstairs: check cat’s dry food bowl, fetch flu medicine (Mistress is still having flu, though W/we kiss like always). i tuck Mistress in and come to Her on my knees, we hug and kiss. She opens Her shirt, i may suck Her breasts. i flick the tip of my tongue quickly over Her nipple. She seems to enjoy that especially. She wants Her thick, striped stockings, and with them on, i may lick Her thighs, and then pussy, though She is a bit shy as She has not washed up. And yippee: “Lock up the door, get a condom, close the curtains”.

Groping because of happiness, with a sudden hard-on i complete the orders and kneel in my pyjamas, a condom in my hand. i may put it on, and drop my pants. “Get here” She’s sitting on the edge of the bed, i move kneeling forward, my dick meets Her pussy directly. i am allowed to start fucking on my knees, She raises Her legs but doesn’t rest them on my shoulders. Then She wants the doggy position, and next from behind on O/our sides, which renders Her an orgasm as i speed up gradually. i don’t get orgasm, nor masturbation afterwards.

We talk in bed. She couldn’t have imagined this a year earlier: eager sex on offer every day, me doing much of the housework, She having Her say in all matters.


  1. Just found your blog a few days ago, but I already love it. You write that it all started in August 2008, but surely there must have been some development before that? As I'm still struggling to persuade my Wife to take the lead, I'd love to hear about your first steps towards a full-fledged femdom marriage. Was the initiative yours or Hers? Did your marriage start as a vanilla relation, or was D/s there from the beginning?

  2. Thanks for your questions. Sorry for neglegting them so long, but i have answered this now in a blog entry 26 August 2010.