Sunday, 10 January 2010

Performing for Her

Tuesday night, as i’m again kneeling by my Wife’s bed, She asks what special or peculiar i could do/perform. As an example She mentions sucking Her toes. i can’t think of anything right away so i am ordered to read architecture book for Her for (at least) half an hour on my knees. Then i mention i have not brushed my teeth. She says angrily, didn’t i order to do all bedtime duties. Se did. i jump up, ask if She wants me to do it now, and dash to the bathroom. There i think about the performance issue again. i come up with: attaching all the clothespegs in our toy chest to my balls, or a lot of them to my foreskin, standing with some weight on my nose that is leaning against the corner of the room, or sit “toilet bowl”, and old exercise done in some sports rehearsals. She asks me to demonstrate that. i lower myself to a sitting position without a chair with my back to the wall, so that i can get support from only the wall behind me. My thighs are horizontal and my legs are vertical. Like sitting without a chair.

After the demonstration Mistress wonders why all the tricks were torture-inspired though She didn’t say that, and orders me to sit “toilet bowl” again. The position is very demanding, and i try to cope by moving a little fro time to time, moving up along the wall with my back a little, or moving my butt from the wall and back. Those seem to help momentarily, then i start sliding down again. She gives me permission to stop, i fall down immediately to the floor. Then She makes me do 2 push ups, it goes easily, i say aloud 5, 10, 15 and finally full 25. Then She orders me to sit toilet bowl again. i put my legs now a little closer to the wall, so that they are not vertical, and i last nearly as long. i ask permission to stop and She grants it. She lets me rest a bit and 25 push ups again. She tells me after that i will have to do toilet bowl once more. Abdominals are easy but the toilet bowl hurts thighs badly, but i last some time also on third time. Lights off, to sleep.

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