Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Sleeping punishment

On Thursday i return from work a little before the Lina’s birthday party begins. i ask Mistress and with Lina hearing i get precise instructions what to wear and what to do. She later checks out and approves the set i chose. i am allowed to eat a sandwich provided i clean up everything again before the first guest arrives. Then i must do a certain written assignment while little kid guests party and swim in the pool without disturbing them.

i ask if i can do some porn surfing after that if i have time, and Mistress wonders what do i think, with the house full of little kids, but She does allow it, and actually even comes to watch the pics while girls are swimming. i may show Her one of my favourite pics (men in pain) of a youngish boy wearing a head harness with a red ball gag, kneeling up legs and hands spread wide, steel clamps in ball sac with chains hanging from them, and a chain between clamps in nipples. Mistress comments of the whiteness of his skin, and says pics like that don’t make Her excited.

The girls leave and i hear the family in the kitchen and join to clear it up and have something to eat myself. She doesn’t give me new orders and i got so hooked up on Femdom porn that i find my way back to the laptop and dive into the wonderful world of D/s for maybe an hour more.

Then Mistress walks in really furious, and condemns me for unauthorized viewing of porn into sleeping next night on the floor. i must say that though the porn ban was really hard for me to obey, i never indulged in masturbation those days even though i got into a chastity belt only much later.

Mistress continues by dealing out commands: i must clean up kitchen after supper, put out candles in the garden, get 4 dahlia flowers from the garden to a vase. i complete the chores, report to Mistress, and as i don’t get new orders, i stay by Her. She does things around the house, and i follow Her around. She only once asks me to bring Her knitting work, no other orders. Instead of ordering me to change into pyjamas She spits out ‘Are you going to sleep in that?’. Then She settles in bed, but doesn’t want me to read aloud to Her. She reads it Herself, with me standing at attention opposite to Her. As i try to say something, She orders me to stay silent. She orders me to inform Her when Mats has switched off his lights, and visits him then. As She returns, She orders me to get a mattress, put a sheet on it, and continue waiting on my knees until She stops reading Her book after a long while.

During the night W/we wake Lina up at the moment of Her exact birth time with O/our presents. In the morning i have to wake up early and take the mattress away before others wake up.

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