Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Telling Her mother of my "attitude change"

On Sunday morning, after epilating and cleaning up the hairs, like always, i make porridge according to Mistress’s orders and wash up the kettle. Mistress wakes up and gives me tasks: blow the leaves from garden, empty the boat, i do them with care, get praised. Then paying the bills in net bank, until the guests arrive. It’s Lina’s birthday party for relatives. i help with serving, clear up all the dishes. As the guests leave, Mistress wants to take a walk with me, Lina joins us. i get an urge to pee during the trip and mention that to Her. She chooses a secluded part of forest by the road and sends me to pee there. Lina is surprised. Mistress has praised my “attitude change” to Her mom also.

i take a shower and use exfoliating cream on my buttocks. In the evening i agree with Mistress i use my allowance, 5 minutes of fun to eye my new Femdom favourite pics masturbating. Result is only very little to lick up this time. Then to bedroom where Mistress is already. She says She’s troubled by my newfound oversexuality. She orders me to read my book beside Her for a while.

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