Sunday, 31 January 2010

What is nicest in the D/s?

Wednesday evening Mistress and Mats are jogging as i get home, so i can browse some Femdom first. As T/they get home i get ordered to change my clothes and eat some. She has chosen for me some rice left from the weekend and the rest of the frozen vegs, it’s a veggie meal for me today. Then i am ordered around: piling up the laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, looking up facts for our Holiday next week from the net, (with occational peek into Femdom sites), making supper for the whole bunch.

i am allowed to post my writing and browse the net while She teaches Mats to make an essay. Then getting ready for the bed, getting the bedroom ready for Her. putting the kids to bed together. i wait at attention in the bathroom while She removes make-up, then She moves to bedroom, i follow Her there, and keep standing in position. i pick up the clothes She throws on the floor when undressing.

When i have helped Her into bed, She asks, what is nicest in O/our D/s. i say that these moments at bedtime when She keeps me on my knees by the bed, and i don’t know whether there’s masturbation, reading the book, making love to Her or just going to bed in store for me. She orders me to give Her book and masturbate for exactly 3 minutes without cumming. It’s funny, but the last minute seems somehow unnecessary :)

Thursday is used up with a meeting in the evening and going to the mall with the whole family. i must do all the queuing up and carrying the bags to the car, while following Her around with the cart otherwise.

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