Monday, 22 February 2010

The ass-grabbing Mistress

On Sunday i wake up first, epilate for a long time (i missed that on Saturday), and make porridge – mother-in-law gets the paper. Mistress asked me to make a list of outstanding chores. i give it to Her and She chooses as i make the bed: carrying branches from felled trees to the shelter, and cleaning the inside of Her car so – W/we decided to sell Her small car, and buy me a small one, She takes the Mercedes.

After these tasks it’s time to eat. i get the old leftovers though We have a guest. In the afternoon i ask if i could start finding a hotel for U/us for a small trip in Norway She has been planning. She orders me strictly to back my rucksack instead, and help prepare for a forest walk. She gets me as company which She wants for Her walk. We even pack some food and eat in the forest, me crouching at Her feet.

At home She orders me to find a recipe to prepare something from the smoked salmon W/we have. It evolves into a task to archive all printed recipes i have collected from magazines and newspapers, and it takes all evening. i find some recipes for a banquet dinner for Her relatives as they arrive next weekend for my son’s birthday. i will have to do the parfait already before midweek. She makes me pause to give me a long exciting kiss on the mouth.

i still make smoked salmon salad for Mistress’s Monday lunchbox. i have finally found a suitable recipe in the net. As i am placing segments of boiled eggs on the edges of the bowl, Mistress walks in the kitchen and squeezes my butt, presses on my perineum hard for some time, as i lean against the kitchen surface, and says my supper will be old cooked potatoes and a remaining boiled egg. i eat them in a few big bites using my hands.

As i have cleaned up the kitchen, i report to Mistress upstairs. She orders me to get ready to sleep, and then kneel by the bed, waiting with a hardon, if i am allowed to masturbate tonight. She reads Her family history book, that She was reading already when i reported. After keeping me kneeling in silence for a little time, She orders me to read it aloud. i am allowed to read a couple of paragraphs, until She suddenly tells me to stop and go to bed. No fun today.

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