Thursday, 4 February 2010

Back to basics

Saturday. i write this stirring a porridge kettle. Yard work next, i have to brush the stairs and the paths, put the trampoline to bits with Mistress. She has decided with kids that W/we will be heading Ikea today, me pushing the cart, paying, not initiating any purchases.

Back home, Mistress chooses a recipe for a lingonberry parfait in a magazine, i will have to prepare it. After warming up sauna, putting laundry to dry, delivering dried laundry back to cabinets and cleaning up kitchen i may use some free time by the PC.

With kids in hearing distance i ask permission to get everyone ice cream and the weekly small bottle of bear for my sauna beverage. i complete full water aerobics in the pool, Mistress joins me. In the evening i may browse the net as others watch TV.

Upstairs at bedtime, Mistress is reading to Lina, i change the cheapest new Ikea duvet for myself and get a mattress according to Her instructions. Next kneeling by her bed, waiting what’s in store for me, She is reading old magazines. She orders me to do buttock exercises on the mattress, abdominals, 2 times the “toilet seat” exercise, then to bed.

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