Sunday, 21 February 2010

Bidet fun allowed

On Friday mother-in-law arrives, and the next day goes on a Spanish course. In the evening i may use the laptop, but Mats is working on another PC in the same room. i compare small cars in the net to find one for myself. i can only navigate to [Real Women Don’t Do Housework] ( as others watch Saturday Night Live.

In the evening W/we have a long talk. She wants part of my intelligence also in the future. She wants me to read newspapers and magazines and tell Her some interesting new fact each day. She doesn’t want me to talk too much about sex. She wants to hear about sex only when She wants sex. i tell Her that cleaning my penis with a certain bidet jet is making me hot now that i get so little stimulation to my cock. i like it most when i turn my penis sideways and jet the frenum area with circular motions. It’s not possible to orgasm, but i can maintain an erection with it. She says it’s a suitable way to keep up me heat so i may use the bidet as much as i want during the 3 daily toilet visits per day that i do.

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