Saturday, 6 February 2010

Busy Sunday with the boat

Sunday morning i prepare porridge like always, tea for Mistress, coffee for myself, clean up the kitchen, get the paper, lay the table for breakfast. Then W/we eat and She decides W/we’ll raise the boat from the sea for the winter.

First i change energy saving bulbs to O/our yard lights and take out garbage, then Mistress heads us to empty the boat. She’s angry as i have not prepared a place for the boat, because of a misunderstanding. She’s much better organizer than me, and She is better than me at all so called men’s jobs. She dishes out commands about tools to take with U/us, fixes battery leads, starts the motor and drives the boat where W/we take it from the water. She sends me to drive the trailer there through a gas station where i must check the tyre pressures.

With Her as the manager W/we get the boat up quickly, then back home and it’s time for a job better suited for me: preparing lunch for the family. The lingonberry parfait is the dessert. Cleaning up the kitchen again, doing the dishes, Mistress goes to fix the boat for the winter and put on tarps. It’s raining, i must put on rain coat and plastic pants, wool gloves, sheer plastic gloves on top, and wash the boat with warm soap water. As She leaves me at the boat, She says i must continue to wash it exactly 20 minutes.

Next i must make meringue with Mats and for dinner raw pickled salmon in thin slices, cooked potatoes, salad. Mistress comes and is not happy with the dinner idea. She wanted fried fish - and i haven’t made sauce. She makes bearnaise sauce from a mix. i apologize later for the disappointment i was.

In the evening W/we watch a movie, i serve Her tea, She watches another movie, i’m browsing FemDom during that. A small talk at the bedtime with me kneeling on the floor, then to sleep.

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