Sunday, 14 February 2010

Getting Mistress mad

It’s late evening on Tuesday as i get home from negotiations with a couple of business moguls. The sauna is warm, i get directly to sauna, do the water aerobics and exfoliate my crotch. After supper i slip into the web. That’s a grand mistake. Mistress comes, very angry for me being away most of the evening and then disappearing into the net. i apologize. i can’t do anything else. She says, that She will also ignore me, not even give me a punishment.

i make the bedroom ready unprompted, i get back downstairs there She is, clean up the kitchen. As She goes to the bedroom, i follow Her there, close the door and kneel, looking meekly down. i know what lies ahead: a silence, without orders, on my knees. Finally She speaks to me, orders me to make a note to load software into the brand new exquisite camera She bought. i have many times praised this joint moment of O/ours before going to bed. Now She asks me, what’s so special about it? “O/our time together”, i can think of. She asks if i have something to say. i say, i am truly sorry, i apologize, i say i wish i could expiate it and W/we could get over it. i promise not to go web browsing without Her permission. As i cannot use web at work, it means good bye to Elise Sutton and my other favourite Femdom sites.

The last Femdom site i had found before this was [Real women don’t do housework] ( . i used this sites to stay in the submissive mood, subspace. i had last read at Elise Sutton site about [introducing Women to Femdom lifestyle] ( . i make up my mind to try offering massages, possibly pedicures and manicures to Her.

Then She puts out lights, early.

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