Thursday, 11 February 2010

Little teasing at bedtime

On Monday Mistress requires i go groceries shopping after work. At home i empty the bags, change into my birthday present tricot, make the beds and collect Mistress’s dishes from yesterday while upstairs. Mistress kisses me sensuously on the lips. She makes me eat yesterday’s leftovers and clean up kitchen. Then i will have to prepare carrot casserole for tomorrow. It’s kids favourite so i never get any myself.

There are candies on the table. Mistress gives me permission to eat them, it doesn’t matter that Mats hears Her domineering. Next i must put clean laundry back in place. i get scolded for mixing up Mistress’s and Lina’s black socks. Officer work with the laptop. Emptying the dishwasher.

After supper it’s my job to clear up the dishes, clean up the kitchen again and wash the surfaces. i ask Her if there is something else for me to do. She asks me if i have any work to do. i point at the laptop. She asks whether i like Her company or the laptop’s. i say i prefer Her company whenever She has time for me.

i do the jobs assigned to me, peep into Elise Sutton’s pages, and get upstairs, where She is still talking to Mats on O/our bed and Lina is playing with the hamster. She sends me to get Her cell phone. i may wash my teeth, put on pyjamas, take off my socks. i stand in stand-by, waiting for orders. T/they go wash T/their teeth, i pen Her side of the bed. As She finally gets back to bedroom, i close the door and kneel. She undresses to Her knickers, i get hot. i may collect Her clothes and take the pile to the laundry room.

She gets on the bed, i may put Her socks on. She turns Her back on me, and orders me to massage Her back, first with both hands, but i have to kneel in a weird position and my back starts to hurt and i can only continue massaging with one hand, and i go on for a long time, until She tells me to stop. She kisses me on the mouth and draws my pyjamas down my back squeezing my buttocks. i have a continuous hard-on, i mention that to Her. She grabs my penis roughly through my pyjamas, and masturbates me for a while. i am min ecstasy. i have not got any penile friction for nearly a week, and of course i have not masturbated without permission, even though i didn’t have to wear chastity belt these days. Strong slurpy sounds give away my wetness. She says She has considered making love to me, but that She is too tired now. She makes me read the family history book or Her aloud, pants down, kneeling. Finally She orders me to grease Her feet, and She kisses me once again forcefully on my mouth. Sleeping time!

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