Saturday, 20 February 2010

Massaging both girls

i made good use of my permission to masturbate right away in the morning, in the toilet of our office. Shit was smelling, as i succeeded in leaking 3 teaspoonfuls of thick semen from my penis in one minute. After a long period of chastity you get the semen out quickly.

i reserve O/our next holiday. It was totally decided by Mistress. i would have chosen a different type of holiday, but now it is going to be a nice week on Gran Canary.

i get home earlier than usual. Mistress is busying Herself with Her cabinets, not ordering me around, just giving some hints for me. i go to a meeting of a new society i joined, and come back home cheerful as i was welcomed there nicely. i may take some supper and clean up the kitchen, take a shower.

Mistress’s playing upstairs with O/our cat, i make the bed not to disturb Her. i massage Lina’s sore back. She’s happy i rub it for a long time. Then i may (=i have to) massage skin oil to Mistress’s feet and back, and massage Her back on my knees as She lays on the bed on her side. i have to stay in a crooked stance as i massage with both hands, so i have to switch to just one hand, but i don’t stop, i go on for veeery long. Now “go to sleep”.

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