Friday, 19 February 2010

Masturbation permit again!

In the morning i hug Mistress tenderly, kiss Her on the hand and neck, as WW/we see each other in the upstairs lobby.

i have some extra time, and i am about to go to the laptop, as i wake up and ask Mistress if there is something to do, Mats overhearing. She orders me to clean up kitchen. As i am ready i find Mistress in the bedroom, propose massage (an idea by Elise Sutton). At the same time i make the bed. She orders me to install the camera software now. i do it and some epilating and plucking before i leave for work.

As i get home, i find Mistress – She’s helping Mats with his homework - and try to kiss Her with little success. She asks why i got home only 5.30 not 5.00, i explain. “Change your clothes”. i run to obey. i remember W/we are going orienteering; i ask if i have time to eat, i get 5 minutes for potatoes and mushrooms. They are already waiting for me as i finish, i get to a long walk with Mistress. After that i’m sent to pick up take away hamburger meals for everyone.

As W/we are eating back home, Lina is falling asleep at the table, i’m sent to put Her to bed. As i get back from upstairs Mistress is helping Mats with his homework, She hisses ‘Go away, don’t disturb’ to me, and i go take care of bills on the net bank, install the camera sw on another pc, stay away from Femdom-sites.

Then upstairs, getting beds ready, getting ready for bed, reading the family history book for Her, sitting on the bed, as W/we oversee Mats going to bed too. As the lights go down i get a hug and a permission to masturbate for 3 minutes tomorrow.

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