Friday, 12 February 2010

STORY missy - a maid to a dominant couple

i am “missy”, a live-in slave to Master Tom and Mistress Katia. i am a well-off executive, and i own a large house. As Katia took me as a slave, i didn't know Katia had a boyfriend Tom, an obvious alpha male, who soon became my Master as much as Katia is my Mistress. Together Katia and Tom took over my mansion, and made me serve them as a chastized sissy maid.

My duties include waking up at 6:00 to remove my cb-2000 with a key in a box with a time lock which keeps the box open only 6:02-6:15, epilate my genitals, perineum (except a triangle, angle down, above my genitals, trimmed short), pull out all hairs from penis and balls with tweeters, lock the cb-2000 back on and return the key to the box that soon locks itself. Then i epilate my asshole area, ass cheeks, thighs and legs, and stomach and chest, make up (eye liner, lipstick), do my hair. Now it's 7:00. i may now surf for porn until 7:15, eat from my bowl and leave for work.

On weekends i put one electric dog training collar round my neck, electrods at front, another round my genitals, electrods at the root of my penis, fetch the newspaper, then don a corset, stockings, (no panties), high heels, and the French maid uniform, which is very short, sleeveless, with shoulder straps. Then i place a wide leather collar around my neck, hiding the electric collar, and narrow cuffs to my ankles, wrists and elbows. They are really seldom used to fix me, but they remind me of bondage all the time.

i prepare breakfast for Master and Mistress, lay the table, including one dog training remote control by His plate (neck) and by Her plate (balls), empty cat litter box and tidy the kitchen. Once a week i will also browse TV guide for Mistress's and Master's favorite TV shows. i present the list for their approval, and set alarms in my mobile so that i can remind them about each show. i also prepare a weekly menu for Their approval, and i have an excel-file showing a lot of duties i need to do at certain intervals, like cleaning Their cars inside, cleaning air conditioning filters, maintaining the pool, like backwashing the filters, checking water quality and adding chemicals. i will do some of these tasks or dust or wash floors (something that does not disturb Mistress and Master) until They wake up.

When my Superior wakes up, i say "Good morning, Master/Mistress" and try to kiss His/Her hand - sometimes They allow it. Then i am to follow Him/Her to the breakfast table, draw a chair out for Him/Her. i have placed the newspaper on the table so He/She can start reading it while i pour coffee for Him or tea for Her and serve porridge with jam or something else they ordered the night before. Now i must ask Him/Her whether He/She wants a shoulder or foot massage while He/She eats, and act accordding to the wishes, e.g. kneel under the table, remove His socks, and massage His feet until i get a new command or The Other Superior arrives. then i repeat exactly the same procedure which i went through when the First of my Superiors rose.

Only after both my Superiors are eating breakfast, i may start preparing my breakfast. i have a water bowl on the floor with lukewarm water. The water is never changed, i may only fill it when it is empty. The other bowl is for all my food. The bowls are placed near my Master's seat so that He can watch my balls and cb-2000 hanging between my stockinged legs, if He orders me to keep the hem up while i eat. i am allowed to make half a cup more coffee for breakfast than my Master normally drinks. As He has finished eating i finally (i have been awake for 2-3 hours by now) may begin my breakfast. i will now pour all remaiming coffee into my eating bowl combined with leftovers from yesterday's breakfast. i will always scrape all major leftovers of breakfast (i am allowed to make large portions for Them so there are leftovers) into my doggy bag in the fridge. If there are some other leftovers - old bread etc. i will put that to my bowl too and mix everything - coffee, cold porridge and leftovers - into a slimy mixture. That's what i get to eat every morning, when i first kneel head down before my Master and ask permission.

He may keep me waiting 0-5 minutes before He gives me permission for my breakfast, which is a long time for someone not eaten in 12 hours. He may also say: "No, but you may suck my big toe as i read the paper." That means i will immediately drop to my knees, duck under the table, remove His sock, put His big toe in my mouth and suck it until i get a new command: "Now you can have your breakfast missy". Then i am to kneel, put my knees 2' apart, my ankles 3' apart (sometimes Mistress meters how far apart they are, so they better be pretty precisely all the time) clasp my hands behind my neck, lower my mouth to the bowl and eat and drink using my mouth only, not moving an inch while i eat.

If they see me move my butt or legs, they may order me to stop eating or zap my balls or neck full force. These are the ways my Superiors punish me. They may also put IcyHot on my balls or beat my buttocks, or the insides of my thighs, or my penis, if They remove it from the cb. They use riding crops, also cane for my buttocks and thighs. Every time They whip me it is for punishment, not pleasure, so they gag me and let me scream my lungs out. But mostly way just punish me by taking away my priviledges like food, sleeping in the house or orgasms.

Always when my Superior has finished eating, i clear His/Her dishes, put leftovers in my doggy bag and lick the plates clean. As i clean the kitchen i am allowed to scrape all food from kettles and pots and eat it. We don't throw any food away normally, bananas that have gone black are my candies as are overripe plums.

As i have tidied the kitchen after W/we have all eaten, i continue automatically with my chores. i am not allowed to just wait for orders all the time, even though i am at my Superior's disposal all the time. They can whistle to get me kneel in front of them any time. But unless that happens, i check laundry piles and wash if necessary, dry if necessary, and iron if necessary, and put ironed laundry back in place when necessary. i vacuum, clean windows, dust beds, make beds, draw blinds...

On Sundays i must ask permission to go to the gym where i workout with Them or alone if They don’t come, but anyway according to Their instructions - normally a regular set, sometimes They instruct me to double up some parts, as i kneel before Them to get approval to change my clothes and leave.

i always need my Superior's explicit permission to leave the house. i also make two 3 course meals per day on weekends, one on weekdays after i return home. i need Their approval to work overtime and for any work-related evening program.

Menus are normally quite compicated, including fresh bread baked by me, Indian food made without any seasoning mixes, plus side dishes and elaborate dessert like a cake. But i am allowed to make a lot and offer the same dish in different combinations on two meals (before it ends up in the doggy bag). i am not allowed to raise my voice ever, so i don’t shout to Master and Mistress that meal is ready, i approach Them and kneel before Them to announce it.

Dinner is a bit more formal. After announcing the dinner, i follow them to the candle lit dining room, with flowers and nicely lain table, draw a chair for Mistress and Master respectively, serve wine and food like a professional waitress, wait standing by the table while They eat, fill Their glasses after every three sips, offer more food, clear the dishes, bring new food - like they do in a high-class restaurant. i'm totally ignored like a waitress which i am. They focus on each other and the fine food. After dessert i ask whether i can bring Them drinks, or give massage, bath, foot bath, blow job or something else.

Normally They relax reading a book or watching TV while i first massage the shoulders of Mistress and then Master. This is the only way i can catch a glimpse of tv. You may wonder how i manage to find time for all this and also work as a full-time executive. The explanation is i don't have any hobbies, i don't read anything but cook books and TV guide (for Them) at home, and never watch tv, and eat very quickly (and little, I'm losing wait).

Sometimes They use me as Their chaffeur. i get to drive my big car only as Their chauffeur. i will dress in regular clothes, open doors for Them, ask where to drive, drive with both my hands on the wheel, drive carefully according to signs, drop Them at the front door, open door for Mistress (Master opens normally His door in public), go wait for Them at the parking lot, and pick Them up at the door in less than 20 seconds fter They appear, so i must be awake all the time. i may do groceries shopping by myself, with my small car. I am responsible for keeping the kitchen stuffed.

Every other day i warm up the sauna for Them, and bring Their favorite cold drinks there, and one glass of diet coke for me, i never get alcohol. In sauna i will be naked except for my cb-2000 or according to Their wish also wear swimming trunks. Massaging is more efficient in the warm, so while They enjoy the sauna i sit in the hottest place behind Them and massage Them. i can never stop massaging without Their explicit order, and in the sauna it can get really difficult. i wash Their hair massaging Their scalp and dry Them. Then i take a coldish shower, as Master opens my cb-2000 briefly allowing me to wash my genitals, and sees that i lock it up again. Unpermitted erection during this would be a capital offense (never happened).

In the evenings i open Their bed in master bedroom, draw blinds and wish Them good night. This is the time for my feedback. If i have been serving well all day, Master or even Mistress may slap my face hard, but not angrily a few or even 10-20 times while i kneel and keep my hands clasped behind my back saying something like "missy, tomorrow you will need to try even harder. You have shown talent as a maid, but We will push you each day deeper and deeper into real slavery. You will need to serve us more slavishly tomorrow, you know. Not a day without progress. Now you may massage my shoulders until i fall to sleep, and then you move quietly to that corner, kneel there and fondle your balls with your left hand and your nipples with your right for 30 minutes without making a sound and retire to your slave bed" my bed is an old coach in the cellar. There i am to sleep naked wearing only cb-2000, under a coarse deck.

Mostly Mistress and Master just have me serve Them as a polite and meek maid. They don't normally scene with me or pay attention to me. Meaning of my life is to concentrate on Their well-being. i am very happy and grateful to them even if They don't do me, i mean use Their precious time to fulfill my wishes. But They are very clever to establish Their authority over me with things that take only a little of Their time, but do a great impact on me. They dominate me by making me serve in a maid's dress, collar and cuffs, making me curtsey whenever i enter or leave the room Master or Mistress is in (twice if both are in the room), making me say "Thank you" each time way give me an order instead of thanking me. i love the way They dominate my eating, the orgasm control way use on me. my favorite kink is sissy maid, so i am as happy as can be with the arrangement. i love the silken feel of my legs in stockings, my bare, smooth thighs, feminine dress, and the drastic contrast created by the leather restraints in my narrowest places where a Lady would wear bracelets.

Mistress Katie has never allowed me to have penetrative sex with Her. She allows me to lick Her cunt, but only to get Her wet for Master. She can't get off easily on licking. Master has taught me to give Him blowjobs and deepthroat Him. Mistress doesn't give head so when Master wants a slut make him cum with her mouth and swallow his cum, it’ll always be me. Unfortunately that doesn't happen as often as i would like - maybe once a month.

i soon got used to wearing a CB-2000. my Superiors keep me in denial for varying periods, from a few days to a few months. i never know when and how i will again get release. Sometimes i get to masturbate in Mistress's or Master's presence, but often They don't care to watch me so I am ordered to do it alone in a toilet. my penis gets only stimulation from my own hand, or by humping floor or some furniture. On some rare occasions Master or Mistress masturbates me while i am licking the shoe, sole or foot of my Other Superior. After i met Mistress i have not cum once without an explicit order from Her or Master. As i am nearing orgasm, i must ask that the stimulation is stopped or i cum. Nearly always i get the permission, as They like to keep me in a constant state of arousal and They edge me often. By the time my ejaculation begins i must stop stimulation, so all my orgasm are "ruined orgasms", even though as pleasurable to me as normal orgasms. Only if i need to aim my semen to a cerrtain place i may hold my penis while i ejaculate.Also since meeting Mistress Katia i have consumed every drop of semen i have been ordered to ejaculate. Normally i lick it off the floor.

Once i got a call from Master as i was driving home from work with the small car they allow me to use. He ordered me to put on a video camera which i need to always carry in his/my car. i was instructed to film everything from now on, drive to a gas station near Their/my house, open a bag secretly hidden in the car. In the bag i found a small container containing 5 cl of Master's pee, a key to cb-2000, vicious clamps, a vibrating butt plug and instructions: "go to a toilet booth, lock it, set up the camera, take the pee in your mouth, and keep it there. your mouth must be full of pee all the time, you may only swallow as much as necessary not to spill any pee out. Then you must drop your pants, remove the cb, attach five clamps to your ball sac and two to your nipples. Then you will fill the container with 50ml of your semen during 30 minutes, provided you can keep out others who want to use that booth. you will need to orgasm first by humping the basin." But:"you are given only 2 minutes to succeed, or you will spend the evening without any food, and next night in a sleeping bag in the shed!" i had not been allowed an orgasm for two months, so it is easy to get off once, with minimal stimulation, even with a lot of pain. So i lean over the basin to get my penis pressed between the cold enamel basin and my stomach, and begin. First i am unable to create the right kind of friction, but when i press my thighs together, i notice an orgasm starting to build, and i catch my first cum in about a minute. The container becomes half full.

i read further. "you may now remove the ball sac clamps and for your next orgasm you are allowed to use your left hand, but you will press your forehead to the floor, and turn your ass to the camera." With my right hand i must keep the container within millimeters from the penis head, as the container is quite small, and i will need to ejaculate directly into it. Working gradually with my left hand i am able to get it up again, and then stroking the penis vigorously i am able to produce more slime and semen, but the orgastic pleasure is limited by having to concentrate to shoot accurately in the bottle. Now i had some 35mm collected.

When i am ready for third round i hear someone enter the other booth. my mouth is full of pee so i could not say anything if somebody tried to enter my booth. "you may now remove the nipple clamps and insert the butt plug and switch the vibration on". i put it on does just as the other wc user leaves. "Use any method you can to cum a third time or you will sleep in the shed and spend the evening hungry, making dinner for Us wearing a lockable gag. If you can fill the container, you will get a good meal as a reward and you will have the priviledge to share the Master bedroom with your Superiors."

Having read this i am very motivated to get my dick up again even though after cumming twice i wouldn't be thinking about sex again for some time. i stretch my ball sac, feel the butt plug vibrate against my prostate and i begin to stroke my dick with my right hand. But the penis stays limp. i try to slap it, fuck my ass with the plug and rotate it. Slowly it starts to become semirigid and thinking about my servitude, Her boots and His authority i manage to climax again in this weird way.

The note says i must swallow the pee now and lock my wee-wee back in the cage, which is easy now. Then i hurry to my car with my closed jar, including half a decilitre of my cum. my instructions end with an order to call Mistress when i'm ready. When i call Her, She congratulates me and says i may now go to McDonalds and buy 3 plain hamburgers, my treat. At home i greet Them by quickly kissing Their feet. Mistress uses the opportunity to take possession of my cum bottle. She also orders me to place the hamburgers on the kitchen table so that they get nice and cool when it is time for my reward after They have eaten dinner.

i change into my French Maid costume, full with cuffs and high heels. I start cooking the dinner, get interrupted by Master who wants to check my CB. i turn to face Him, curtsey, thank Him, smiling all the time (like i should) lift my skirt with both hands from the front to expose my genitals and stocking tops. He says: "OK, kiss my feet and continue". i thank Him, kiss His both feet, curtsey and continue cooking, lay the table in dining room, wash pots and pans, clean kitchen, light candles, dim lights and announce dinner, draw Their chairs for them, pour wine, serve hor's douvre, stand by the table while they eat and chat about Their things, not asking anything about my sexy moments in the loo. i refill Their glasses after 3 sips, then serve main course, stand and wait, remove empty dishes, serve dessert, take Their orders for drinks.

i am very hungry by now, and welcome Mistress's order to bring my bowls and the hamburgers. i curtsey deeply, and thank Her from my heart. i bring the items and kneel up before Her holding them as there's no routine to hold on to now. "Fill your feedbowl with all your hamburgers and prepare". i put the bowl down by a wall, take the hamburgers out of the bag, press them into the bowl, notice some ketchup in the bag, turn to Mistress and Master to ask what to do with it, before i ask, She says "wait a minute", presses my hamburgers into the bowl with the sole of Her foot, and continues "empty those on top". I'll make a small ketchup pile, and assume the standard position: "looking into the bowl, on my knees and elbows, hands clasped behind my neck, knees and feet apart in the desired position, not moving, my ass showing to Them.

Now i must wait for the command to eat. In my other bowl there is water, which is my only drink. Now Mistress approaches again. "your feed seems awfully dry. I'll give you some fresh dressing" and pours my grey slime all over the hamburgers and ketchup in front of my eyes. Then She holds the jar for me, "lick it clean". I say "thank You", extend my tongue to the bottom of the jar, and lick it for a good few minutes until She removes it.

"you may eat now". i shove my head into the bowl, take good bites of the hamburger-semen-ketchup mix, gulp it down eagerly. This is far better than my usual feed which is many times dog food, or even oat meal spoilt with vinegar. i may only move my mouth, my ass and legs must stay still as i eat. i lick my feedbowl clean, drink water from my water bowl, turn to Mistress and Master and thank them wholeheartedly for the superb treat They gave me.

One day Master read about a high heels running contest that was arranged for women somewhere. He told Mistress about it, and Mistress said how chauvinistic such things are. Master suggested: "Why not do what we can for the equality of sexes, and arrange a race for our little sissy here". i was standing behind Her giving Her a nice long shoulder rub.

Our neigbours don't have a view to our back garden, and next Saturday after clearing breakfast dishes i was made to fetch 2’ length of chain, 2 riding crops and join Master and Mistress at the backyard not wearing my dress. i hand the riding crops to Master and Mistress. Master orders me harshly ("slut” She calls me) to remove my dress. i fold it neatly, Master orders me to fix the chain between my ankles. Then i kneel up with my hands clasping the opposite elbow behind my back, in my corset, stockings and heels, collar, epilated, chastized genitals showing (the basic position).

"I think we still need something more. Bring thumbcuffs and handcuffs, slave", says Mistress. i hurry in my heels, hobbled with the chain into the house and to the toy chest, bring them and kneel up to offer them to Mistress. She places the handcuffs to my upper arms before me. "Put your hands behind your head" then She fixes the thumbcuffs, trapping my head between my arms. "Now go bring me another 2' chain and 2 leg cuffs. If you can't fit them in your mouth, bring them one at a time. Now, move"

I would have gotten a huge erection because of the extreme humiliation of being ordered around in this totally exposing outfit, but cb-2000 more than efficiently controlled that. I already got used to running hobbled in high heels as i made my way to the toy chest and managed to get hold of the chain and one cuff with my mouth, brought them to the back door running, offered them to Mistress kneeling, then returned to pick up the other cuff. "Stand up", Mistress hisses after grabbing the second cuff from my mouth. i stand up. Mistress fixes the cuffs below my knees and connects them with the chain.

They admire my humiliation for a moment. Mistress: "The track is from here to the shed, round it and back here". You will first rehearse for a couple of rounds, and then we will take time. She draws a line to the sand path. "Ready, STEADY, GO". Off i go. Running with hobbled, high heeled legs is not easy. i tried to tread fast, keep one leg in the air, but my balance was not so good, on the uneven grass. The cuffs clang all the time. i hurried round the shed, my hands balanced me better this way than if my wrists were just connected to my collar. i was excited, my cock strained against the walls of cb-2000. "45,9 seconds", said Mistress when i crossed the line again.

"Before we'll rehearse it again Master will toss you the ball a few times. What will do you then?" "Mistress, i will fetch the ball in my mouth.” Outdoors i was allowed to fetch running if i wore stockings, i didn’t need to do it on all fours. After a few tosses into difficult places like bushes, She called “Get ready for your next run. If you don’t beat your earlier time, you’ll get a punishment in the evening: Master will deliver it using a cane”. i stood by the line as She counted down again and with "GO" i felt the sting of the riding crop, hitting loudly at my left buttock. i repeated the exercise, putting more effort into it, panting loudly, swaying my hips. “44,1 seconds” Good! you escaped the punishment, but you must in the future beat this time.”

"Now crouch under the tree, keep your nose pressed to the trunk” She removed the thumb and handcuffs, cuffed my hands and thumbs behind my back. Then She placed a coin for me to hold with my nose, and They left me there for the rest of the morning, until They needed my maid services again.


  1. whew- it wasn't erotic for me but it took my breath away and made my heart beat fast and my mouth open in awe at the humilation and pain that was involved. Not for me or any sisy maid that I know.

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