Monday, 1 February 2010

My big blunder

On Friday i commit a very major blunder. With both kids trying to get to the front seat, Mats pushes Lina who falls against the car and hurts herself. i lose it and push Mats, who falls and hits her hand somewhere, a bruise. As i get back from taking them swimming, i have to face Her about it. My explanations don’t help. i am going to get two punishments.

She tosses me a basket, orders me upstairs and follows me. She tosses the keys to the toy chest on the bed, i have to open it. She orders me to put in the basket wrist and ankle bracelets, straps, ball gag, posture collar with a few D-rings around it, leash, leather helmet and the cat-o’-9-tales. Then downstairs. She puts on warm clothes, the temperature is around zero Celsius. She orders me to put on the collar and leash, and shoes. Then She takes the leash and marches me out the front door carrying the basket, wearing only my tight, thin tricot shirt and jeans. The yard lights illuminate the otherwise dark garden, i could be seen from at least one house. She didn’t choose O/our secluded back door, even though She directs me around the house, and all the way into O/our cold shed near O/our beach.

There She orders me to undress, keep only socks and shoes, put on ankle and wrist bracelets and the ball gag. She makes me stand against a support column of the shed, and put on the black leather helmet – you know, without eye holes, only small nostril holes, made by Herself. Next She ties my hands around the column very tightly, and ties my ankles so that i must put one foot on either side of the column. Next She pulls a strap around my neck and the column, forcing my cheek flat against the coarse wooden column. Finally She tightens another strap around my waist, forcing it against the column as well.

Next She freaks me out with Her words. i start shaking with cold, naked in wintery weather. That’s forgotten soon, as She starts to do me over with the cat-o’-9-tales. i get it ruthlessly on my thighs, buttocks and back. She keeps long pauses, i cannot estimate the blows, i cry out into my gag from fear and pain each time She hits me. As you know, i am not used to corporal punishments. The pain gets even more intense, as She bites hard on my both buttocks – like really biting a piece off them, Her bites leave marks – as does the whip. She also teases my nipples that show by the column. It feels like clothespegs, but probably it was something else, as i don’t feel them removed.

Finally She removes my neck and wrists straps, and i may remove the other straps myself. i must wash the gag naked in the sea, put the clothes on, get the toys back to the basket and carry it to the house. She walks me on the leash again, and again pulls me to the front of the house, and in through the front door. Inside i must put all toys in place. We discuss O/our son.

She orders me to put a mattress on the floor for me in Mats’s room! So that’s the other part of the ordeal? i get the kids back from the swimming hall. i am allowed to take them to McDonalds to get some takeaway. As we get home, Mistress binds me and Mats together from the waist, leaving 40cm of rope between us. So that’s some more punishment: we have to spend all the evening tied together. That’s Her formula for making us bond better. First W/we eat. i get some French fries and the remains of Lina’s hamburger only.

We brush our teeth together with Mats, change to pyjamas and decide to go to sleep. Mistress points out that if we plan to take it so easy, we will be tied together tomorrow as well. So we don’t get top sleep, i go for a pee (with him), and get my book, we read sitting on his bed, until She allows us to remove the rope and go to sleep. Some imaginative Mistress and Wife She is.

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