Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Need for apologies

Mistress decides the comings and goings, the wheres and whens and next day She has decided W/we leave for a trip to my mother-in-law’s to another town. She also decides what W/we do there. i get with the others to movies and a spa. i am glad no-one pays attention to my trimmed pubes.

On Sunday W/we are back home. i wake up early and spend a lot of time epilating my crotch and plucking my ball hair as i couldn’t use the epilator at my mother-in-law’s. i make breakfast sandwiches and tea for Mistress, empty the dishwasher, clean up the kitchen. While i am out getting the paper Mistress has woken up, i go hug Her in the bathroom, draw Her chair as She sits down for breakfast.

She wants to go for a forest walk and pick some mushrooms first. i must prepare a backbag with hot tea. As W/we enter the forest, i walk a little behind Her a few meters to the side so that She can choose the direction freely. i volunteer as Her seat, but there is other possibilities in the forest, She sits on a fallen tree.

After the trip to the woods i am sent to groceries with a shopping list. At home W/we make lunch together, me doing a chantarelle sauce, but She gets mad of me not doing the whole lunch. Her angriness transmits to me, and i leave for the bedroom to sulk. She gets me from there to eat, i make the bed before i get back. She asks what’s wrong. i apologize for my behaviour, say i am sad for it.

i return to sub space, clear up the table, ask permission to have coffee, Mistress rushes me to drink quickly and take out garbage and saw a tree that’s fallen to the sea. i do these and report back to Her. Now i get orders to do firewood from the tree and warm up the sauna after that. i work sweat headed and get the logs in a shelter.

For dinner i get really old, mixed leftovers: rice, corn and fried onion. In the night i ready the bedroom, open up He side of the bed, wait for Hers standing, kneel as She arrives. i get to massage oil to Her feet and read aloud about the history of women and children, until my knees are really sore. Then to sleep, no rewards today.

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