Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Pro - STORY

As i first emailed Mistress Severa, in Her reply i got Her strict rules. Very matter-of-factly She wrote that if She takes me as Her slave, i will be placed in strict chastity right away. She will put me in a cb-3000. She will be the only keyholder and the cage will come off only in Her place. She will provide me a weight loss programme with monthly decreasing weight targets until i am under my optimal weight. She will also make me similar targets for improving my condition. Whenever i enter a session with Her, i will be weighed naked and then my condition tested - push-ups mostly.

In case i don't pass ALL tests, i will be let out of the cb only to epilate and wash my genitals, no sexual play in that session. However i will have to serve Her for the whole evening, fix Her a meal, massage Her, maybe wash Her feet, and if i'm very good, he may give me an enema and have me hold it inside for 30 minutes while standing with my nose holding a coin in the corner. Or maybe have me dance can-can in full costume with a slim vibrating butt plug in my ass so i need to clench my buttocks as hell. But no chance to cum. And if i get erect when i should be put back into cb after wash up, i will be tied and kicked in the balls, put in the cb, and sent home.

However, if i meet all criteria, besides a busy night serving Her, i will get a chance to cum, but it will be usually in my own mouth, and only if i manage to cum at exactly the moment She desires. i will be trained to cum on a short countdown 6-5-4-3-2-1-0, at zero exactly. i will lay in the bed on my back, my wrists tied together behind my back and to the middle of the footside board. my legs will then be raised up, and my feet pulled towards the headboard of the bed, and my ankles will be tied taut to the legs of the bed at the headside. my penis points directly to my mouth in this position.

Mistress will masturbate me, and if i can cum exactly at zero, i must catch all my cum in my mouth. In any case, at Zero She will let go of my cock, so even if i succeed in cumming at zero, it will be a ruined orgasm. At the moment of orgasm my cock will only bounce in the air with no possibility whatsoever to create any friction or do fucking motions.

The only stimulation my cock will get during my orgasm is from my own lips, if She allows it, and if i can train myself to be so flexible that i can reach my penis with my lips.

"Even so, I'm sure you will find these orgasms much better than anything you have ever experienced, even if I don't permit you to lick your penis. And even though you may have to suffer pain in some other part of your body simultaneously. I may for example take off your nipple clamps just before i count you down. As your almighty Queen I may also just edge you and leave you high and dry even if you qualify for orgasm. If I'm nice I may give you stimulation like pulling out a butt plug from your anus as you cum, as I would like to train you to cum with anus stimulation", She wrote.

"Once you have succeeded in cumming in your mouth, you will hold your cum in your mouth until you get my command, and you swallow your cum no earlier, no later, but right then. Sometimes for my amusement I will let you cum in some other surprising, humiliating way. If you miss the zero of the countdown, you get a next chance only in the following session. First you will be trained to orgasm on command by masturbating on My order.”

She laid out other rules as well. i am not allowed to script any sessions, She will decide about everything that happens, and i will be Her maid, houseboy or puppy (my favorite themes) when She so decides. Each session (whole evening) will cost $300 $, and when i'm trained to cum at zero regularly,with Her masturbating me, $500, so i can afford only to be her slave 1-2 times a week, and it still costs me 2-3000 bucks a month.

i was of course overexcited about these rules, and hurried to reply that i beg to become a slave in Her stable even though it costs that much. She said OK, and gave me an appointment for next Thursday. She said She will give me all appointment dates, and i'd better make it, and arrange that time free, as i will need to pay double fee for any session i don’t attend, as She will not get Her place cleaned.

As i arrived in Her dungeon, i knew that i must first undress, then find Her and kneel with my knees 1,5' apart, feet 3' apart, forehead touching the floor, my wrists crossed behind my neck palms up and holding 5* 100 dollar notes (two extra for the cb), and say "a slave of Your Highness offers him to Your Highness's service".

First she wanted me to be presentable. She gave me a trimmer and ordered me to trim all my body hair with an 4 mm edge: chest, armpits, stomach, pubic hair, legs, ass, arms, back. When i was ready, She taught me the Stand-position, stand legs 3' apart, elobows high and wrists crossed behind my neck.

She asked me to stand in front of Her and She painted the outline of a small triangle that stands on its top in the middle of my pubic hair. She handed me a women's epilator and told me to start removing my pubic hair around the triangle with it. She said to start at the sides, and progress little by little. A lot later i had learned the trick and had pulled out all hair to the right from the triangle and partly from the left side. Pulling out my pubic hair was very humiliating and pinched a lot, especially when i began, but my cock started to leak precum, so it must have been very sexy too.

Mistress told me to stop, but said i must buy a similar unit, and pull out all hair from all sides of the triangle up to my bellybutton and perineum and crack before i again get to visit Her next Tuesday. i said Thank you, Mistress.

i thought the ordeal was over, but then She gave me a pair of tweezers and ordered me to pluck out all the hair from my balls, and my penis. She said i will use the next hour to do that, while She continues to read Her book. Pulling out individual hairs from my ball sac was different, not so painful as using the epilator, but sharp pain indeed. After an hour i had a hairless ball sac - She said one cannot use the epilator on the sack.

She ordered me to take a cold shower, and after that i was fitted with my cb. i got to do that myself. She gave me first a selection of small wide rubber bands, which were tied so each had two loops connected with the knot. She told me to try them on behind the corona of my penis head until i find one that the bigger loop fits snugly but doesn't press into the skin, to avoid gathering of fluid in the foreskin. The smaller loop i will place on the underside of penis.

She commanded me to get rid of the hard-on by epilating more of my pubic hair. As my penis finally went limp She instructed me to try a certain A-ring by pushing my balls through the ring and then the penis. She checked how much room there was to shove my penis through, and said i can use that size. Then She handed me the locking pin and points of intrigue with smallish spikes on the inside, and told me to put them on as well.

My penis was semi-hard again, so She commanded me to epilate the rest left to the triangle. Finally She handed me the small cage and told me to press my penis into the base of it holding my foreskin from the underside, thus helping the glans to fit in the last bend of the cage.

As i managed to squeeze the penis into the cage and press the pins in place, She gave me the lock to lock the cb. Of course She gave me no key. Then She handed me another small padlock, and told me to lock it to the small rubber band loop showing below my penis head through the bars. This way, if i would succeed in pulling my penis out, which will be more difficult because of the band, i can never get the band back around my penis, so She would notice and punish me so hard i would not do it again, ever.

"As my slave you will be in a cock cage all the time, with the exception of the moments during your training here when i have it removed because of cbt or orgasm training. The A-ring I chose is so wide you can have a semi erection, which will help you to sleep without waking up because of nocturnal erection pain, so you'll get used to being caged in a few days. But if I am disappointed with you or must punish you, I will add longer points of intrigue to your cb. There are 2 longer versions (She showed me), and the middle one will still make a small semierection possible, but makes any attempt to a hard-on painful, and the longest one will make your nights a complete misery, and allow not even semi-hard-on.”

“Before peeing you will pull your foreskin back with your fingers through the bars and dousche thoroughly afterwards, and wash also the space between your penis and balls, as all your precum will end up on your ball sac now. You will be allowed to watch porn while you are away, but you will have to learn to enjoy it without full erection. You will be allowed to dribble precum from your semirigid penis to your balls. When you wash it from your balls you'll know what it feels like being My slave.."

i was locked in the pink cb-2000. She weighed me. i was 85 kg, and my ideal was 70-75kg. She decided my target is 69kg after one year, and each week i will need to lose at least 300g to meet that target. So next week i must weigh less than 84,7 kg and so on. For that end, i will be eating no snacks or sweets. Next She ordered me to do push-up's. i managed 3.

"In a year you will do 30 push up's on My command, each month your target is up by 2 push-up's, and if both targets are not met, you will not get a chance to cum."

i will have to train daily for Her.

Then She gave me a blue woven strap with two metallic spikes, and told me to attach it round my genitals so that the spikes are pressing deep into my skin just under my balls. Then She told me to lie on the floor on my back and throw my legs over my head so that She can inspect the cb and the strap, which is an electric dog training collar. As i perched on my shoulders, She took hold of my genitals for the first time, through the cock cage, twisted it and tested the strap. She let me stay in that position and said She will use the electric shocks and beeping sounds of the collar to summon me when i am working on my chores.

"We are going to test it later, when you need correction. I'll first teach you a couple of other positions you need to learn. When I say "beg" you will kneel up legs together facing me, holding your hands folded before you like paws of a dog, looking straight ahead - no eyes straying at me! Beg!"

Immediately i threw my feet back to the floor again, got on my knees, straightened my back, held my wrists near my nipples, palms down, paw-like. Mistress disappeared somewhere, walked to me from behind and yanked a wide, rigid leather collar around my neck and buckled it in place. i dare not move or say anything, and kept my hands in place.

"Now you'll learn another position. When I say "stay" you'll get on all fours, feet, knees and hands one foot apart, bend your back as much as you can, tilt your neck up, look straight ahead and stick your ass up in the air. Stay!". i put my hands on the floor, spread my legs a little, bent my back as low as it went, stick my head and ass high.

A strong electric shock hit me behind my balls. I jumped and gave a yelp more because of the surprise than the pain.

"Arch your back more, puppy. Your anus, balls and your doggy chastity belt have to show to everyone in the room when I say "stay!"

i arched my back as far down as i could.

"i'm going to hook your asshole to the top of your head and draw them closer if you cannot do better!"

"Beg!" "Stay!" "Beg!" i was drilled to learn two basic dog commands, and i switched from upright kneeling to showing my ass every few seconds until She decided to stop and leave me at Stay.

"Now we'll train fetching. I'll throw the ball, you'll fetch it moving on your hands and feet, touching the ball only with your mouth, understood?" "Yes, Mistress". A new electric jolt hit me, maybe not so strong as before. "When W/we play puppy play, you don't talk. yes is one woof, no – a word you don't normally need - is two woofs. Fetch!" Simultaneously She threw a ball to the other end of the dungeon.

i hurried after the red ball as fast as i could, lowered my head to take the ball in my mouth, and returned walking fast on my hands and knees, offered it to Her in Beg-position. She took the ball from my mouth, i noticed She was wearing plastic gloves and threw me the ball a few times more. As i approached Her maybe fifth time She didn't take the ball but commanded "stay". What a humiliated sight i must have been, raising my ass in the air, arching my back, holding my head high with a bright red ball in my mouth.

"Turn sideways!" My cock hurt again trying to get erect.

"Stay! Now you will learn about the different shock levels of the electric collar. There are five intensities. I give you first the lowest, then the strongest shock".

The first was a frightening, surprising feeling, that made me bounce a little, and i started immediately to fear for the big one, clenching my muscles, keeping my eyes shut, but had to continue to stretch my back and keep on showing my ass and balls that were going to be receiving more electric jolts. The next one was a real shock, it felt like a bolt of lightning, making me yell and jump involuntarily.

"Now I will give you random shocks, and you will guess the level. You will answer me as a dog, you bark three times if you think it was level 3 and so on."

This dog whimpered a lot until the ordeal was over. A shock at my balls, followed by me making barking noises, trying to guess the level. For a wrong answer She corrected me and punished me with a 4 or 5 level shock. For an exact one i got a level 1 shock as a reward.

Finally She clipped a leash to my collar, and started leading me around, continuing to jolt me, and me continuing to bark after each jolt. After a few rounds in Her dungeon She lead us to a closet, where She produced the sort of loin cloth that Tarzan uses, asked me to put it on. i raised myself to upright kneeling, fixed the cloth around my waist, and continued to kneel upright hands straight by my sides. That was a mistake.

"Slave, when you don't know what to do next, you kneel one meter from Me, on My right side, facing Me, press your face to the floor or ground and cross your wrists behind your neck, with your elbows near, but not touching the ground. Now get into that pose, and I'll but IcyHot to your balls so you remember better this position, it’s called the Basic position."

While i knelt there, She went away, came back, and reached with Her hand between my legs to slide someting wet to my balls - the loin cloth was so small She didn't need to raise it to get access to my balls in this position... Her first touch to my skin...putting IcyHot to my balls... Right away the heat grew, and went really intense, a menthol-like burn continued and continued, while She dragged me from my leash to Her dungeon kitchen.

She had me stand up and showed me where everything was so that i can learn to serve Her tea, wine, soft drinks or snacks. She told me a lot of things about how She wants to be served, and i tried to memorize everything.

"Now let's rehearse. Make me tea and biscuits".

As i didn't answer, She continued with a dark voice: "Boy, thank me every time i give you an order and after each punishment".

"Thank you, Ohh, Mistress" in the middle my burning balls were jolted.

She went away to Her couch and Her book, and i boiled water, poured into a pot, added a cylinder full of tea leaves, let it stay there while i collected a fine tea cup, plate, and a small basket on a tray, and put a selection of cookies and biscuits neatly in the basket. My cock was straining against the sides of it's cage, the burning in my balls continued, and my perineum remembered the jolts.

i removed the tea cylinder and approached Her, curtseying before Her according to Her orders, no matter how funny it looked in the loin cloth, set the tray on the coffee table, lifted the teacup, plate and basket before Her, poured tea into the cup and went directly into kneeling in Basic position, my forehead down. Wrong again.

"When i am drinking or eating something you made, you will not wait in Basic position, you silly slave. How can you offer more to me if you cannot see how much I have left? While I eat, you will stand behind my right elbow, your hands clasping the other hand's elbows behind your back, feet together, and not move an inch, until it's time for that. DON'T MOVE UNTIL I TELL YOU TO! (I tried to move to Her back) Your gaze will be fixed on my drink while you stand perfectly still.”

“Later you will be equipped with little bells, and if I hear a bell ring when it shouldn't, your chance for release is over and instead you'll face very long and painful bondage. I've trained enough slaves to know that absolute discipline is what you wankers need most. You want to please me, and I must tell how I exactly want to be pleased. Now get up *** JOLT *** and take your place!"

i quickly rose and took my place, very excited, i would have had a huge erection without the cb. i grabbed my elbows and felt my cock ache in its prison.

"When I have tea or a drink, you will wait until I have only tea left for one sip, and ask me POLITELY "May i pour You some more tea, Mistress". When I have wine, juice or some other drink, you fill my glass every 3 sips I have taken. After i have eaten, you ask "May i bring You something more, Mistress?"

i stood behind Her concentrating not to move an inch.

"Starting from the next time you have a chore list, that you automatically complete. My slaves are all low maintenance. You will be in charge of the dungeon kitchen. Each time you are here, you clean and wash it thoroughly, all tasks will be listed so you don't need to think."

She had now nearly drunken Her tea, so i asked in a soft voice if i can pour Her more tea.

"No piglet. We will now start training you to cum properly. Clear the dishes, and handwash everything first."

i got an immediate stab by the points as my penis grew. i brought everything back in the kitchen, put bisquits back in their place, filled the tub, and handwashed the china, dried them, checked everything was in order and clean, and returned to the dungeon, knelt and pressed my face to the floor near Her again.

i heard a clinging sound as a key landed on the floor near my head.

"Open up the cb".

i raised my head, grabbed the key and with trembling fingers opened the lock and removed the cage and other parts while kneeling up. My penis filled the cage entirely, so i really had to pull the cage off of the penis. I laid the parts down on the floor and pressed my face back to the floor again, which was right, i didn't get zapped.

For a moment She let my erect penis dangle free between my spread legs, and then 'Kneel up, legs together'. i knelt up hands at sides.

"First I will teach you some basic masturbation. As I say "Wank" you take your current position, in front of me, in 2m distance, immediately start masturbating, trying to get off as fast as possible, but when you are nearing orgasm, you slow down, but keep yourself on the edge and say 'I am on the edge, Madam'. If I would say 'Go on' it would mean you can continue and ejaculate on the floor. You have 3 seconds from the "go on" to shoot, if you cannot, you have not kept yourself on the edge like instructed. You will watch the time yourself, and cross your wrists behind your back as you start cumming or after 3 seconds from my command, whichever comes earlier.”

“You will never, under no circumstances, be allowed to stroke or even touch anything with your penis while it emits semen. Furthermore, you must be still while you ejaculate. No squirming, no thrusting of loins through the air, nothing. If your hands are free you cross your wrists behind your back, look straight ahead - no glances at your penis - back straight, and let your goo leak to the floor. That is the way my slaves ejaculate.”

“I know how much your penis desires stimulation during orgasm, and your best way to show obedience and subservience to me is to always make sure it gets no stimulation at all during ejaculation. It is more pleasurable that way even for you, as you will suffer practically no downtime after such ruined orgasm. Now wank for me!"

I tried to do it right so i backed one meter so i was in the desired position, and started masturbating quickly with my right hand. It felt wonderful. She stared in my eyes and i felt also Her eyes on me and it made it twice as wonderful. i kept a steady pace. In about a minute i was ready to cum and spoke out "i'm on the edge, Madam".

"Stop!", She shouted back at me. i took my hand away, hesitated for a moment, and walked on my knees a bit towards Her and pressed my mouth to the floor in Basic position, as there were no new orders.

"Wank!" i quickly rose and backed on my knees, stopped 2 meters away and resumed wanking. Now it took only 5 seconds to be ready to inform Mistress of my edgy state again.

"Stop at once!". i took away my hand, quicly approached Her and pressed my mouth to the floor.

"Now we will try the Countdown for the first time. When I start the countdown, you will jump to your wanking position, start wanking and when I say “zero”, it means "cum" to a slave. You will stroke so that you are ready to shoot at zero. Zero is an excellent way to describe your orgasm, because it is as meaningless as a zero.”

“If you cannot continue wanking till zero without cumming prematurely, you stop it and your chance to cum is over this time. Your cum may not show before I say zero, and when I say zero, your hand will leap from your cock immediately and you will cross your wrists behind your back for that wonderful moment of your ruined orgasm which you will spend motionless like I said. If you fidget, that will prolong the time till your next chance to ejaculate.”

“This time I will help you by saying “prepare“ before starting the countdown. Prepare, 12,..." i jump into up-kneel position, back off to desired distance from Her while She says "11", start stroking kneeling upright, knees together, She counts down quite quickly, maybe one figure per second, and i cannot get near orgasm by zero, and draw my hand to my side.

"OK, boy. It seems you were not horny enough to need an orgasm this week. You only get to cum while you desperately enough need it, not more often than that. remove the training band, clean up everything, put on your clothes, your next session is next Tuesday at 5pm."

When i was ready, she told me to go to the bathroom to put on the cb. I tried not to think about anything exciting as i cleaned up. As i knelt down, i noticed my penis was flaccid. I managed to put on the a-ring with the pin and the points before it grew somewhat.

"Do you remember what happens if you can't get yourself soft?"

"Madam, you will tie me up and kick my balls until i get soft"

"Yes I will, but this time I'll allow you to epilate your perineum for 5 minutes to get rid of that stiffy, before i do that."

i started work with my sensitive perineum, epilating it little by little, working towards my anus. In a few minutes i lost the erection and quickly caged my penis carefully not thnking about sex.

"At last, next times you won't get this kind of mercy. Kneel up, here. Open your mouth"

She let me watch Her collect saliva in Her mouth and then spit it so most of it went into my open mouth but some splashed on my cheeks, nose and jaw.

"Let it dry up where it landed, as a memoire. Now get lost, sucker"

She sounded angry, so i hastily raised my pants and scurried out a little bit concerned whether She really wanted me to leave, saying "Thank you, Ma'm". Next i was in the garden, going to my car.

Next days i was so in love with my demanding Queen that the new cb constantly held my growing erection back. I was really horny being denied so long. i bought the epilator and continued to epilate myself until my perineum and crack were hairless and a tidy triangle stood on top of my cb. Nights were awful as nocturnal erection woke me up each night between 4am and 5am. i seldom got any sleep after that. Evenings i jogged and went to the gym, and didn't eat any sweets. I weighed myself regularly, and tested push-up's daily, and progressed well.

Then came next appointment, but that’s another story.

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