Saturday, 27 March 2010

Slave's provocation

i wake up early and besides epilating my crotch i use half an hour for plucking off ball hairs. It’s Mats’s birthday, he turns 13, and Mistress has made Her a tray of treats last night. i bring it to Her with Her tea, and set out for work myself.

i get instructions to purchase groceries on my way home. At home i eat before changing my clothes and get cream from the birthday cake to my jacket, i am so angry to myself. i clean up the pile of dishes in the kitchen, and go out to light the candles according to Mistress’s instructions. Then i must get winter tyres ready for Her car.

Back inside i ask Mistress if i need to do something more – kids hear me – but there isn’t anything, so get depressed and go browse some Femdom without asking for permission, a provocation by me. She comes to stop that and says i’ll have to sleep on the floor as a punishment. i make Her tea and a supper sandwich according to Her wishes, and we eat watching telly. Then i ask permission to use net bank, but as i get it, i also browse some more Femdom. The porn ban is the hardest thing for me to obey, it seems.

As i get upstairs, Mistress is already in bed, reading, and i stay at attention by her. She orders me to check on Mats. No need to put the mattress on the floor yet with Mats around, W/we brush O/our teeth, Mats goes to his room. Then i wait again by her standing, as She reads the book on history of the family. The n She orders me to read for Her, on my knees, a long time, about 10 pages. Then i may go to sleep in the bed, nice surprise.

Friday, 26 March 2010

A sad night

i call home and only Mats is there. i receive through him the advice to get directly home not through the grocery store. Mistress is still on the phone as i get home and i eat and change the clothes. She hangs up and tells me the enchilados were too dry. i apologize. i suggest warming up the sauna. She says it’s a waste of time and orders me to work on the accounts. She says i may take a shower after that. i may not visit any sex sites while i’m in my study, She talks about addiction, and hints that i may browse Femdom maybe once a week.

i use a couple of hours doing accounting and working with net bank accounts, no peeping into Femdom sites. The only break is an order to iron some pants and deal out folded laundry.

Mistress calls everyone to eat supper at 8pm. She orders from me tea and two sandwiches - the new bread She bought. i use old bread for my sandwiches, use leftovers. Then a phone call – a relative of Mistress’s seriously ill, She starts crying on the phone, then tells us. Lina cries too. i may take the kids to bed. i use some extra time to pluck hair, then Mistress comes upstairs and we go straight to bed. A sad night.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Electric dog training collar arrives

In the morning there’s plenty of time as i go to the dentist’s at 8am. i epilate and pluck the ballsac thoroughly. i get permission to fetch the paper and after eating breakfast i report to Mistress, who’s putting Her clothes on. i make the beds, and give Her various choices of chores for me – She chooses doing paperwork until i leave.

As i get back home after workday, i kiss Mistress’s hand and bow down to touch Her shin, as kids are not around. Mistress decides to take Lina to her kids' birthday party. i ask if i can use the net in the mean time. She says no, i must prepare a mango parfait for the weekend party instead. i’m still preparing it as Mistress returns.

As i’m ready, i ask Her if i can prepare something to eat tomorrow. She decides it will be chicken, and i start looking for a suitable recipe. i arrange the recipes also, and present 3 choices for Mistress. She chooses enchillados which is most difficult to prepare, and i set to work.

In between frying the ingredients Mistress wants some snacks, and makes me peel Her a carrot and bring some lingonberry parfait. As She is eating it She calls for me and points at the floor. i kneel there (Mats in his own room, and Lina at the party). She pushes a teaspoonful of parfait into my mouth, and says: “As you have been good, you get some parfait you made” Then i have to fetch Lina.

As i get back, i pick up the food preparing where i left it and continue. With enchilados in the oven, i have to make tea and sandwiches for Mistress’s supper, and i get the leftovers from Her teabag and sandwiches myself. i clean up the kitchen and trail Mistress upstairs to set up the bedroom for the night, return downstairs as Mistress returned there too. i stand at attention near Her. Lights out, upstairs! Kids to bed.

i ask Mistress if i can sleep with a sleeveless shirt, otherwise naked, She approves. i kneel by the bed to wait for Her. She asks me to open the cabinet. i open it and look at Her by the cabinet. She smiles, as i don’t guess, asks me to take a box. As i have the box in my hand i guess it’s the new [Innotek small dog electric training collar] ( W/we had ordered. i may get scissors, open the box and put it together. i look so eager that i may even try it out, first on my leg and then i may put the collar around my genitals to shock my penis. It is painful, i dare not give the level 4 shock to myself. Then She calls off the play and has me go to sleep.

Monday, 1 March 2010

The full moon under Her skirt

On Monday i got instructions to get directly home from work. At home i get to eat and read the paper and tell some facts from the paper Mistress could find interesting. i tell Her the fact that a man’s head may hold 1dl of snot while he has the flu. i am sent to do a big shopping round with Mats. W/we get home with 6 bags full of food and i also buy cheap vacuum cleaner after calling Mistress for permission.

Mistress has warmed up the sauna, and i bath with diet coke, and complete a session of water aerobics. After sauna i change into a sleeveless shirt and pyjama pants.

Mistress watches TV, and orders me to make supper sandwiches. She also orders smoked salmon salad for herself. i serve Her in the TV room, and later pick up Her empty plate and bring her tea and a big sandwich. Without thinking i stroll into the living room chewing on a piece of excess cauliflower, She scolds me for that. i apologize, collect the crumbs from the floor and eat them.

We all eat. i’m left in the kitchen to clean up as others go upstairs to the bedrooms. As i get there Mistress is trying on Her new, wide pleated skirt with various tops, kids watching Her. She’s so beautiful, especially barebreasted.

i’m allowed to do the bedtime chores. In the bedroom She orders me to switch on the bedside lamps, which i have forgotten, i apologize. She is wearing Her new skirt which clearly inspires Her. i jest two slaves would fit beneath it. She wants stay-up stockings. i get Her the best pair. She puts them on as i sort out the others. She has a wrap and knot –type of top. She sits on the edge of the bed, points at the floor before Her. i proceed there on my knees. She wants to kiss and hug me. She positions my head at the right height and angle for that. She draws herself back and orders me to open Her top. i may fondle Her breasts with my hands and my mouth. Then i may fondle Her under Her skirt. i squeeze Her loins, i push my hands under Her butt as She helps by raising Herself a little from Her sitting position. i press Her hairy mound with my hand.

“Get a condom and put it on” i do as i am told, i kneel diagonally to Her so She sees the whole length of my penis, accentuated by my hairlessness. my triangle of pubes is cut short. i pull foreskin forth covering the glans as i roll it on, She stands up, walks before me, raises Her skirt to put me under it. i slide on my knees between Her legs and start licking between the pussy lips, which feels unusually plump – She must be really excited. i also keep licking Her clit.

She draws back, turns around and offers me the full moon of Her bottoms, framed by her black undies. i lick Her pussy from behind, then start fucking Her pussy with my tongue, which means my nose nearly fucks Her asshole. She wants my penis in her from behind, we get on the doggy style position. i move carefully, not to cause the bed to make sounds. i hold on to her breasts from behind. She joins Her feet which She does to orgasm. i continue, She wants to lay on Her side. Finally i get partially on top of Her loins, accelerate fully, but remain far from orgasm myself (glans covered…), as She comes. She is such a hot sight that i fondle Her butt with my thigh until She pulls apart, and sends me to wash up “swiftly”, and to get rid of the condom.