Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Electric dog training collar arrives

In the morning there’s plenty of time as i go to the dentist’s at 8am. i epilate and pluck the ballsac thoroughly. i get permission to fetch the paper and after eating breakfast i report to Mistress, who’s putting Her clothes on. i make the beds, and give Her various choices of chores for me – She chooses doing paperwork until i leave.

As i get back home after workday, i kiss Mistress’s hand and bow down to touch Her shin, as kids are not around. Mistress decides to take Lina to her kids' birthday party. i ask if i can use the net in the mean time. She says no, i must prepare a mango parfait for the weekend party instead. i’m still preparing it as Mistress returns.

As i’m ready, i ask Her if i can prepare something to eat tomorrow. She decides it will be chicken, and i start looking for a suitable recipe. i arrange the recipes also, and present 3 choices for Mistress. She chooses enchillados which is most difficult to prepare, and i set to work.

In between frying the ingredients Mistress wants some snacks, and makes me peel Her a carrot and bring some lingonberry parfait. As She is eating it She calls for me and points at the floor. i kneel there (Mats in his own room, and Lina at the party). She pushes a teaspoonful of parfait into my mouth, and says: “As you have been good, you get some parfait you made” Then i have to fetch Lina.

As i get back, i pick up the food preparing where i left it and continue. With enchilados in the oven, i have to make tea and sandwiches for Mistress’s supper, and i get the leftovers from Her teabag and sandwiches myself. i clean up the kitchen and trail Mistress upstairs to set up the bedroom for the night, return downstairs as Mistress returned there too. i stand at attention near Her. Lights out, upstairs! Kids to bed.

i ask Mistress if i can sleep with a sleeveless shirt, otherwise naked, She approves. i kneel by the bed to wait for Her. She asks me to open the cabinet. i open it and look at Her by the cabinet. She smiles, as i don’t guess, asks me to take a box. As i have the box in my hand i guess it’s the new [Innotek small dog electric training collar] ( W/we had ordered. i may get scissors, open the box and put it together. i look so eager that i may even try it out, first on my leg and then i may put the collar around my genitals to shock my penis. It is painful, i dare not give the level 4 shock to myself. Then She calls off the play and has me go to sleep.

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