Friday, 26 March 2010

A sad night

i call home and only Mats is there. i receive through him the advice to get directly home not through the grocery store. Mistress is still on the phone as i get home and i eat and change the clothes. She hangs up and tells me the enchilados were too dry. i apologize. i suggest warming up the sauna. She says it’s a waste of time and orders me to work on the accounts. She says i may take a shower after that. i may not visit any sex sites while i’m in my study, She talks about addiction, and hints that i may browse Femdom maybe once a week.

i use a couple of hours doing accounting and working with net bank accounts, no peeping into Femdom sites. The only break is an order to iron some pants and deal out folded laundry.

Mistress calls everyone to eat supper at 8pm. She orders from me tea and two sandwiches - the new bread She bought. i use old bread for my sandwiches, use leftovers. Then a phone call – a relative of Mistress’s seriously ill, She starts crying on the phone, then tells us. Lina cries too. i may take the kids to bed. i use some extra time to pluck hair, then Mistress comes upstairs and we go straight to bed. A sad night.

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