Saturday, 27 March 2010

Slave's provocation

i wake up early and besides epilating my crotch i use half an hour for plucking off ball hairs. It’s Mats’s birthday, he turns 13, and Mistress has made Her a tray of treats last night. i bring it to Her with Her tea, and set out for work myself.

i get instructions to purchase groceries on my way home. At home i eat before changing my clothes and get cream from the birthday cake to my jacket, i am so angry to myself. i clean up the pile of dishes in the kitchen, and go out to light the candles according to Mistress’s instructions. Then i must get winter tyres ready for Her car.

Back inside i ask Mistress if i need to do something more – kids hear me – but there isn’t anything, so get depressed and go browse some Femdom without asking for permission, a provocation by me. She comes to stop that and says i’ll have to sleep on the floor as a punishment. i make Her tea and a supper sandwich according to Her wishes, and we eat watching telly. Then i ask permission to use net bank, but as i get it, i also browse some more Femdom. The porn ban is the hardest thing for me to obey, it seems.

As i get upstairs, Mistress is already in bed, reading, and i stay at attention by her. She orders me to check on Mats. No need to put the mattress on the floor yet with Mats around, W/we brush O/our teeth, Mats goes to his room. Then i wait again by her standing, as She reads the book on history of the family. The n She orders me to read for Her, on my knees, a long time, about 10 pages. Then i may go to sleep in the bed, nice surprise.

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