Sunday, 25 April 2010

Task list in use

During the night i must again get Her extra blanket, She’s cold. In the morning i may leave late. i have a shower, take clean laundry back upstairs and greet and hug Mistress, who has woken up, and i make the bed. She gives me Her undies to take to the laundry. In the kitchen i warm up water and ask Her how She wants Her tea. i say i am more content the more She demands services from me.

i call Her from my way home from work. She is strict, no gym today, i must get straight to home. At home i must eat half of a ready-meal liver cassarole. Then i must prepare a meal for the other family, get Her summer tires from Her car and to the shed, and help Mats to learn to play electric guitar. Next She orders me to change the sifters of the shower faucets. She is now using a task list She has prepared for me, picking up chores from the list. i must find a recipe for shrimps, show it to Her, have Her approve it and then prepare it. It is an Indian shrimps meal, which is slow to prepare. During cooking i peek into the net, but also go and ask Mistress every time i need to make a decision about details of the meal. As it is ready i may eat some myself at Her permission. Then i must clean up kitchen in apple-pie order and switch on the dishwasher.

She puts the kids in bed, i browse the net. She plays with the cat, i prepare the bedroom and do some aerobics She ordered me for today. She comes and undresses, i collect Her clothes from the floor where She tosses them and take them to the laundry. i wait on my knees as She uses the toilet. She sits on the edge of the bed and points at Her lap. i know to lay my head in Her lap sideways, and She carefully scratches first one ear and then i need to turn my head and offer Her the other ear to scratch. Then i get a kiss. And order to go to bed. In the bed beside Her i mention i thought She wanted the dog training collar, meaning i wonder why She has not used it now that She got it. She gets a bit angry, She would like to discuss something else.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

On and of D/s

On Wednesday there are news of a massacre here and W/we focus on that first and the D/s aspect is gone for some time. Soon it is restored, and i change to casual and She orders me to get firewood. i also clean up the kitchen and take a few looks at Lock’n’keep site.

After supper i clean up the kitchen again and stay in the net. As i get upstairs where Mistress already went, i have to confess everything to Her. She orders me to prepare for bed, then i have to get skin cream and massage it to Her legs, and take the cream back in its place. She orders me on my knees, scolding: i have not gone regularly to the gym, though She has ordered it. i apologize, i offer to go to the gym tomorrow. She says, She has not ordered me to go to the gym tomorrow. Then to the bed, i switch off the light. "I didn’t order you to switch off the light", says Mistress. i switch it on again. "Again without an order", She states. She gives me a demanding, multistage kiss.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Should W/we try NetNanny?

On Tuesday i report to Mistress as i get home and may change to casual. W/we eat soup, and She gets a long call. i sneak to pc room and Lock’n’keep site while She speaks, but She comes to check what i’m doing and finds out. She’s angry. i try to explain this rule is the hardest one for me to obey.

After supper Mistress informs me i will chop up two onions and wash up potatoes for Her lunch tomorrow. She also reminds She already yesterday asked me to prepare ginger drink according to a recipe She found. i do both, clean up the kitchen and still have time to sneak to the laptop again.

She comes down to check on me, orders to turn off the lights, i do it runningly. Upstairs, back downstairs to find Her the Spanish dictionary, then back up, waiting on my knees. Scolding. i suggest NetNanny. i may read the rest of the family book on my knees, take the book to the library bag and get to sleep without usual kisses.

A couple of waking up’s during the night: to get Her an extra blanket and then She wakes me up to let the cat out.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Chores, no fun

i call Her from way home, She orders me to get home directly, She hangs up, sounds busy. i go straight to change my clothes and make the bed while upstairs. Next i find Her, and get an order to eat the oldest leftovers, then make a gourmet mushroom soup to Her according to a recipe She has chosen, and take a shower, not warm up the sauna only for me - what a waste it would be.

i clean up kitchen while i cook. In the shower i exfoliate my crotch. i put on pyjamas, no socks. i take the list of outstanding chores and go to Mistress. i make a joke by saying i try to make myself interesting by resting the list on my stomach for Her to read. She chooses nothing from the list, instead sends me on errand to take small stuff to Her study. i may take out supper stuff, W/we eat and watch a Spanish course on TV. i sneak to my pc and a chastity site.

As it’s bedtime and kids go upstairs they end up in a conflict and as i get upstairs, Mistress is in Mats’s room scolding him for hitting Lina. i make the bedroom ready, She orders me an evening gym session while She brushes Her teeth and continues with Mats. i must get a mattress, do 25 abdominals on that, i “sit on toilet” , that is “sit” without a chair, my back to a wall for 70 seconds, repeat these, and take the mattress away. i do a third set of abdominals in bed, and sit a third set of the toilet seat. Then i stand at attention and wait for Mistress, but there’s no sign of Her, so i approach Mats’s door just as She is leaving there. She asks why i am not in the bedroom, i try to explain, get back to bedroom as She takes a pee.

As She undresses, She tosses me Her undies that are going to the laundry basket, i take them there. i arrange the pillows into Her sit-in-bed position as She tries on some clothes, i move the bed covers away. Then i must read the family book aloud on my knees for 4 minutes, i check the time from the alarm clock. After getting Her lip salve it’s time to sleep.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Chaste for 3 months, one accidental orgasm - no device!

On Sunday i wake up a little later and go straight downstairs according to Mistress’s instructions to put fire in the sauna stove to start drying linens. i use the rest of the morning to thoroughly epilate my crotch and pluck my balls.

i hear that Mistress has woken up, and i go upstairs and make the bed and ask what She wants for breakfast. i make porridge stirring carefully, now i succeed well. i serve also tea.

Today’s the day when i must prepare an Indian style menu chosen by Mistress for Mats’s birthday. i may start right after breakfast by preparing dough for a nan bread. Then out, to make some firewood, and rebuild the collapsed firewood piles outside (i am quite inept in outdoor work actually), only to be interrupted to get the yard furniture to a shed for the winter and a plate in a tree to act as a food tray for squirrels.

Then back inside to continue preparing the meal. i make tandoori chicken, masala sauce, ghee and Indian rice. i must keep the sauna at the desired temperature as well. Mistress arranges me a treat once, comes by to squeeze my butt.

After one and a half hour of cooking i am ready, and i have the kettles washed up, everything put back in place and the work surfaces wiped. Only after cleaning up i may join others by the table. Mistress asks for red wine. i go get it and serve it to Her while all others already sit by the table. Everybody likes the food. i have made mango parfait for dessert, and i make coffee and tea as well, clear the table, and switch on the dishwasher.

Next Mistress decides to reorganize living room. i may give Her a hand, move stuff about. We learn Spanish together, do O/our homework.

Mistress decides to go out for a walk with me, She leads firmly O/our way. i am allowed to chat intimately with Her, and i ask Her whether She is weaning me from the genital pleasures, as it has been weeks since She has allowed me to masturbate. She admits She doesn’t enjoy watching me masturbate. i have guessed it as She tends to order me to masturbate privately in a toilet. She says She wants to normalize my oversexuality. i agree and approve. She wonders why i have not mentioned being wet in my pants any more as i serve Her, She asks: “Don't you get hot on this any more.” i say i have been wet all right even today, but i don’t talk about it as She doesn’t want to hear about it. i comply with Her views in all other ways as well, but bring on the facts i know, so that the conversation would also have something to give to Her.

i figure i have returned to my dating days. i don’t want to masturbate privately, i rather kiss Her on the mouth, and hope for getting in bed with Her, by being nice. This way i have been able to be chaste for 3 months (without a device), and receive only one accidental orgasm.

During the walk i get a hard-on many times because of Our talks, i mention it to Her. During the walk Her mobile rings, it’s Lina. She has hurt her hand, we’ll have to go back home. Mistress programs me to take pics of the sofa we’re selling as W/we get home. Before that i put Her shoes inn place of course. Later i’ll have to move pics to Her computer, which takes time.

She appoints me one hour of free time. i’ll go to net to browse a chastity site. Mistress notices this, and says i may only go to these sites once in a week, so next tie only after a week. After a rewarding hour i put the bed and Her car for sale in eBay. i ask permission to pay the bills in net bank as well, but secretly return also to the chastity site. These porn quotas are so difficult for me!

For supper i make fajitas, and use oldest tomatoes in mine. i serve Her and myself tea. Mistress has started to rag me about my meekness to the kids: “i know who clears it” (a dirty dish from the table). i clear the table and get a permission to clean my desk as She puts the kids to bed. i abuse my freedom and i am again at Femdom sites.

After brushing teeth i may lie in bed by Mistress. She shows me an srtist story in Spanish Vogue, and i lre Her to give me a wonderful kiss. She gives it from above, demanding, pressing on my cheeks to make me purse my lips, makes me erect in seconds, and orders me to sleep with the hard-on!

Monday, 12 April 2010

On a Saturday

On Saturday i wake up early and browse [chastitylifestyle] ( i cannot epilate as the boys are sleeping near the bathroom, and they stayed up all night. Mistress wakes up, i hug Her, ask permission to get the paper, W/we eat. She orders me to do the bookkeeping for an hour, and after that She reviews me, and orders me to continue until it’s finished. Then i present the books to Her and She signs the papers, as She’s the chairman of the board of O/our family company. Mats's sleepover friend gets picked up, W/we go to a restaurant.

At home Lina wonders why mother cannot get Her boots off Herself, as i crouch at the floor to take them off. W/we have some coffee, and i may put some music on for Her. Then She orders me to put fire in the fireplace and restore the firewood in the containers. She has made chore list for me, i must change some bulbs, prepare and photograph an bed W/we are going to sell at eBay, then warm up the sauna. As W/we bath i make full water aerobics set. i get my weekly beer in the sauna, i must not ask permission for that.

i put on the pyjamas without socks. i make tea and sandwiches for supper. In bed i must read the family book for a really long time. i must fight falling asleep, but i dare not stop. Then to sleep!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Walking the dog-slave

On Friday i must do the grocery shopping before i get home. Once home i rush to hug Mistress and i unpack the groceries. Mats has a sleepover guest, we eat together fajitas made by Mistress, except i eat old leftovers. Then i clear the table. i get to sit by Mistress who listens to cd’s. i am constantly falling in sleep by Her. Then i am to take the kids and their friend to their hobby.

As i get back and W/we are alone, She orders me to get the dog collar and the leash. i bring them to Mistress who is sitting in the kitchen. She orders me to put the collar on. Then i must go to the basement and find my winter overalls and jacket. i get it to kitchen, She orders me to put it on. Then to the hallway, my shoes on and i put Her shoes on.

Mistress heads us to a walk, orders me to follow walking normally, hands swaying by my sides as usual. We walk to a dark alley, and in the dark, She orders me to fix the leash to the collar. i cannot do it without seeing, She has to do it. Then W/we start walking on an empty road, Her leading me on a leash. i may try to smell the bushes by the sides, but She keeps the leash quite tight. Actually the leash is mostly a chain with a leather handle.

As W/we encounter people on the road, W/we walk in a file close by so that they don’t notice the leash. Then a car approaches us from behind. Mistress orders me on Her left, but i trip on the soft shoulder and fall just before the car passes us by. The leash tightens, they must have noticed it if they looked. The collar is under the collar of the jacket. We are approaching a lit area again, but before that She asks if i need to pee, and surely i do. i may piss on the leash by some trees. Then She removes the leash.

We walk through a suburban area and after the lights are dimming again as we get on a forest trail She reattaches the leash. Then She leads me through a difficult terrain to another road, without either of us tripping even once. Now She continues to lead me on the leash even on the lit road, even though W/We could be seen from some distant houses. At times She holds the leash tight with Her hand down, so that i must bend my back and follow her stooping.

We get home and i fetch the kids, make the bed for the guest, and finally i read a long time for Mistress aloud, on my knees.