Sunday, 18 April 2010

Chores, no fun

i call Her from way home, She orders me to get home directly, She hangs up, sounds busy. i go straight to change my clothes and make the bed while upstairs. Next i find Her, and get an order to eat the oldest leftovers, then make a gourmet mushroom soup to Her according to a recipe She has chosen, and take a shower, not warm up the sauna only for me - what a waste it would be.

i clean up kitchen while i cook. In the shower i exfoliate my crotch. i put on pyjamas, no socks. i take the list of outstanding chores and go to Mistress. i make a joke by saying i try to make myself interesting by resting the list on my stomach for Her to read. She chooses nothing from the list, instead sends me on errand to take small stuff to Her study. i may take out supper stuff, W/we eat and watch a Spanish course on TV. i sneak to my pc and a chastity site.

As it’s bedtime and kids go upstairs they end up in a conflict and as i get upstairs, Mistress is in Mats’s room scolding him for hitting Lina. i make the bedroom ready, She orders me an evening gym session while She brushes Her teeth and continues with Mats. i must get a mattress, do 25 abdominals on that, i “sit on toilet” , that is “sit” without a chair, my back to a wall for 70 seconds, repeat these, and take the mattress away. i do a third set of abdominals in bed, and sit a third set of the toilet seat. Then i stand at attention and wait for Mistress, but there’s no sign of Her, so i approach Mats’s door just as She is leaving there. She asks why i am not in the bedroom, i try to explain, get back to bedroom as She takes a pee.

As She undresses, She tosses me Her undies that are going to the laundry basket, i take them there. i arrange the pillows into Her sit-in-bed position as She tries on some clothes, i move the bed covers away. Then i must read the family book aloud on my knees for 4 minutes, i check the time from the alarm clock. After getting Her lip salve it’s time to sleep.

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