Saturday, 24 April 2010

On and of D/s

On Wednesday there are news of a massacre here and W/we focus on that first and the D/s aspect is gone for some time. Soon it is restored, and i change to casual and She orders me to get firewood. i also clean up the kitchen and take a few looks at Lock’n’keep site.

After supper i clean up the kitchen again and stay in the net. As i get upstairs where Mistress already went, i have to confess everything to Her. She orders me to prepare for bed, then i have to get skin cream and massage it to Her legs, and take the cream back in its place. She orders me on my knees, scolding: i have not gone regularly to the gym, though She has ordered it. i apologize, i offer to go to the gym tomorrow. She says, She has not ordered me to go to the gym tomorrow. Then to the bed, i switch off the light. "I didn’t order you to switch off the light", says Mistress. i switch it on again. "Again without an order", She states. She gives me a demanding, multistage kiss.

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