Monday, 12 April 2010

On a Saturday

On Saturday i wake up early and browse [chastitylifestyle] ( i cannot epilate as the boys are sleeping near the bathroom, and they stayed up all night. Mistress wakes up, i hug Her, ask permission to get the paper, W/we eat. She orders me to do the bookkeeping for an hour, and after that She reviews me, and orders me to continue until it’s finished. Then i present the books to Her and She signs the papers, as She’s the chairman of the board of O/our family company. Mats's sleepover friend gets picked up, W/we go to a restaurant.

At home Lina wonders why mother cannot get Her boots off Herself, as i crouch at the floor to take them off. W/we have some coffee, and i may put some music on for Her. Then She orders me to put fire in the fireplace and restore the firewood in the containers. She has made chore list for me, i must change some bulbs, prepare and photograph an bed W/we are going to sell at eBay, then warm up the sauna. As W/we bath i make full water aerobics set. i get my weekly beer in the sauna, i must not ask permission for that.

i put on the pyjamas without socks. i make tea and sandwiches for supper. In bed i must read the family book for a really long time. i must fight falling asleep, but i dare not stop. Then to sleep!

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