Thursday, 22 April 2010

Should W/we try NetNanny?

On Tuesday i report to Mistress as i get home and may change to casual. W/we eat soup, and She gets a long call. i sneak to pc room and Lock’n’keep site while She speaks, but She comes to check what i’m doing and finds out. She’s angry. i try to explain this rule is the hardest one for me to obey.

After supper Mistress informs me i will chop up two onions and wash up potatoes for Her lunch tomorrow. She also reminds She already yesterday asked me to prepare ginger drink according to a recipe She found. i do both, clean up the kitchen and still have time to sneak to the laptop again.

She comes down to check on me, orders to turn off the lights, i do it runningly. Upstairs, back downstairs to find Her the Spanish dictionary, then back up, waiting on my knees. Scolding. i suggest NetNanny. i may read the rest of the family book on my knees, take the book to the library bag and get to sleep without usual kisses.

A couple of waking up’s during the night: to get Her an extra blanket and then She wakes me up to let the cat out.

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