Sunday, 25 April 2010

Task list in use

During the night i must again get Her extra blanket, She’s cold. In the morning i may leave late. i have a shower, take clean laundry back upstairs and greet and hug Mistress, who has woken up, and i make the bed. She gives me Her undies to take to the laundry. In the kitchen i warm up water and ask Her how She wants Her tea. i say i am more content the more She demands services from me.

i call Her from my way home from work. She is strict, no gym today, i must get straight to home. At home i must eat half of a ready-meal liver cassarole. Then i must prepare a meal for the other family, get Her summer tires from Her car and to the shed, and help Mats to learn to play electric guitar. Next She orders me to change the sifters of the shower faucets. She is now using a task list She has prepared for me, picking up chores from the list. i must find a recipe for shrimps, show it to Her, have Her approve it and then prepare it. It is an Indian shrimps meal, which is slow to prepare. During cooking i peek into the net, but also go and ask Mistress every time i need to make a decision about details of the meal. As it is ready i may eat some myself at Her permission. Then i must clean up kitchen in apple-pie order and switch on the dishwasher.

She puts the kids in bed, i browse the net. She plays with the cat, i prepare the bedroom and do some aerobics She ordered me for today. She comes and undresses, i collect Her clothes from the floor where She tosses them and take them to the laundry. i wait on my knees as She uses the toilet. She sits on the edge of the bed and points at Her lap. i know to lay my head in Her lap sideways, and She carefully scratches first one ear and then i need to turn my head and offer Her the other ear to scratch. Then i get a kiss. And order to go to bed. In the bed beside Her i mention i thought She wanted the dog training collar, meaning i wonder why She has not used it now that She got it. She gets a bit angry, She would like to discuss something else.

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