Monday, 5 April 2010

Walking the dog-slave

On Friday i must do the grocery shopping before i get home. Once home i rush to hug Mistress and i unpack the groceries. Mats has a sleepover guest, we eat together fajitas made by Mistress, except i eat old leftovers. Then i clear the table. i get to sit by Mistress who listens to cd’s. i am constantly falling in sleep by Her. Then i am to take the kids and their friend to their hobby.

As i get back and W/we are alone, She orders me to get the dog collar and the leash. i bring them to Mistress who is sitting in the kitchen. She orders me to put the collar on. Then i must go to the basement and find my winter overalls and jacket. i get it to kitchen, She orders me to put it on. Then to the hallway, my shoes on and i put Her shoes on.

Mistress heads us to a walk, orders me to follow walking normally, hands swaying by my sides as usual. We walk to a dark alley, and in the dark, She orders me to fix the leash to the collar. i cannot do it without seeing, She has to do it. Then W/we start walking on an empty road, Her leading me on a leash. i may try to smell the bushes by the sides, but She keeps the leash quite tight. Actually the leash is mostly a chain with a leather handle.

As W/we encounter people on the road, W/we walk in a file close by so that they don’t notice the leash. Then a car approaches us from behind. Mistress orders me on Her left, but i trip on the soft shoulder and fall just before the car passes us by. The leash tightens, they must have noticed it if they looked. The collar is under the collar of the jacket. We are approaching a lit area again, but before that She asks if i need to pee, and surely i do. i may piss on the leash by some trees. Then She removes the leash.

We walk through a suburban area and after the lights are dimming again as we get on a forest trail She reattaches the leash. Then She leads me through a difficult terrain to another road, without either of us tripping even once. Now She continues to lead me on the leash even on the lit road, even though W/We could be seen from some distant houses. At times She holds the leash tight with Her hand down, so that i must bend my back and follow her stooping.

We get home and i fetch the kids, make the bed for the guest, and finally i read a long time for Mistress aloud, on my knees.

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