Monday, 31 May 2010

(Very) little T&D crowns the weekend

On Saturday W/we sleep in. i wake up first, prepare breakfast, epilate and pluck myself, get the paper, make tea and coffee. i ask permission to go to car eash, but there are too many cars there, i don’t have time to stay as W/we are heading for the birthday party of Mistress’s sister, who’s turning 40. Mistress has chosen my clothes, allows me to choose the route. W/we eat first in a fancy restaurant in Stavanger then cakes at her home. W/we stay at Her mother’s. i may massage Her stockinged legs under a bright red skirt.

On Sunday Mistress has decided i’ll visit my old mama at the old-age home. i make my mother’s bed, decorate her room while my family visits a nearby mall. Then W/we head back home, where i’m supposed to unpack the bags, warm up the sauna, suggest some delicacy for supper.

i may not take my weekly beer in sauna, as i got a little sparkling wine yeterday. i may prepare tortilla espaƱola while the O/others are watching telly. Then W/we eat and i wash the pans. i read the paper while cooking. i must also find a recipe for Mistress’s lunch tomorrow and take the ingredients from freezer. i am responsible if the food cabinets are not stocked.

Then upstairs, wash ups, waiting standing until She comes, kisses me on the mouth, lowers my pyjma pants to my ankles, tosses me on the bed, jumps on top of me, grabs my balls (first time She touches my genitals with Her hand for a long, long time) and pulls on them long and hard. Then pants up, and i must read book on clouds for half an hour or so.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Friday night task list

Friday night Mistress was going to a fundraising gettogether arranged by the PTA and sent me a SMS in the afternoon: “a list is in the drawer, beware of mistakes”. In the list there were tasks for me to carry out all throught the evening: 1) change to casual clothes 2) eat (you may read the paper while eating) 3) change a garden lamp 4) iron Her skirt 5) do inventory of fridge and wash it up 6) bring firewood in 7) prepare porridge and lay the table 8) warm up sauna 9) arrange all cd’s alphabetically 10) clean up the walk-in closet. + No Internet. i complete the whole list, and still have time to go to sauna, do water aerobics and shower.

As i get kids to their swimming group Mistress returns and scolds me for taking the initiative. After returning She orders me again to the sauna with Her, we chat and i may massage Her shoulders and do a pedicure. We eat and i get the kids back.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Payback time

Mistress is angry, as i am late again, and have not had time for the gym. i may eat only after i have warmed up the sauna with firewood. We go to sauna and i do the water aerobics in the pool. Then i must find a suitable recipe and prepare Mistress a whitefish lunch for the next day. After supper Mistress retires upstairs. i go web surfing, and get caught as She returns to check on me. i spend the rest of the evening folllowing Her closely. She orders me to go early to sleep with Her.

She takes hilarous Lina to overnight at the school with all the other kids – the overnight school. She says to Mats She’s taking me out for a walk, and leads U/us to a long route. We chat, She tells me about situations, when i have unreasonably troubled Her unthinkingly like during Her pregnancy, at some parties etc. Because of that it will be just right that i do majority of the work during the next 10 years. i keep admitting and think that it’s just better if She is strict and keeps me on a tight rein. As W/we return i’m eager to serve, i prepare semolina pudding according to Her wishes and clean up after myself. Then i may watch a nature documentary and fall asleep immediately. She orders me strictly into bed. i get a couple of hot kisses too.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Hand job through the pants

We go to the mall together, come back late. At home i may eat remains of old fajitas. Otherwise nothing special – i am experiencing sub drop, tendency to serve is on the decline. My parental control is now working OK, but i had to get the password earlier to do my work, so there’s no point in it any more. i still visit porn sites. Early to bed, Mistress lies on top of me and kisses me.

i return late from work, but clean up kitchen without being told to. Mistress passes me by as i’m going to toilet in the evening saying “I think it’s my turn now”. As i enter bedroom i kneel by Her side of the bed. She opens my shirt buttons and starts to pinch my nipples and kisses my long on my mouth. As She notices my bulging hardon in my pyjama pants, She starts to stroke it through the fabric, and does it long and hard. Of course to no conclusion. Then to bed.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Slaving away on Fathers' Day

It’s Sunday and Father's Day. i wake up first, epilate and pluck my balls, make coffee and tea for Mistress. i notice that my servile mood is left, no sub drop. She wakes up, i ask what sort of breakfast She would like. i make sandwiches to Her liking, draw out a chair for Her and go get the paper for Her. i have not had chance to read the old ones, so i read a two day old paper myself. The boys wake up and i give my place to them. i continue installing new parental guard software on my laptop. As boys come to play with the other pc Mistress orders me first to clean up the kitchen lamp and then to bring firewood and make more of it.

i continue until Mistress asks me inside to solve a problem caused by parental control. i get also asked to tune the guitar. Sleepover kids get picked up, i make Indian rice and set up the fajitas meal again. As i serve a drink to Mistress, Lina wonders, shouldn’t it be me who gets service on Father’s Day. W/we eat, then i get the Father's Day presents. Long tight pyjama pants from Mistress, some small coins and a cd recording from Mats and a weaved clock from Lina. Unfortunately the clock has stopped ticking already.

Mistress finds it amusing that Father's Day lunch table is cleared by me, and that i also after that clean up kitchen thoroughly. After that She states that W/we are taking a walk, She leads the way. We tour some trail path, next i must empty the boat of water. Then i am allowed in, to continue with my parental control. Every now and then i must ask Mistress to type in Her (only) password to the parental control.

In the evening i must change bed sheets. i switch off lights in the bed and get scared. i had not asked permission for that. i am beginning to be conditioned for slavery!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My first orgasm in many weeks

On Saturday Mistress decides antiporn-software will be installed in my laptop. But first i must take care of my chores, and there are quite a lot after W/we get home from O/our Spanish lessons. i must make a fajitas meal and clean and warm up the sauna and make pancake dough. Then Mats’s sleepover guests arrive and W/we get to eat. As boys go to the sauna, i may prepare the pancakes. As boys get back, W/we go to sauna and for me it’s also full water aerobics. Then i get pancakes with melted ice cream.

i eat supper standing by the kitchen sink, cleaning the surfaces. i start installing Parental control antiporn software on my laptop, but many problems occur. Control software blocks normal sites or don’t block practically anything at all.

In the bedroom i may kneel before Her as She sits on the bed, and hug Her, caress Her breasts and then kiss them. She tells me to get and put on a condom, switch off the lights. The guests are still awake, i must be silent. W/we make love facing each other first, on O/our sides, then She wants me on top, lifts and bends Her legs, i squeeze Her buttocks, play a macho. She orders me up, gets on all fours by the bed, makes me fuck Her doggy style, but the position is not steady. Then on O/our sides from the back, caressing Her breasts the same time. She starts cumming, and though i have pulled my foreskin cafefully on top of the glans as i rolled on the condom, i get to the edge as well. i ask permission to withdraw, not permitted, i cum too. The volume of semen is enormous, i have not even had a ruined orgasm for many weeks!

Right after each full orgasm i usually get an intense pain in my prostate that last something like half an hour. This has been going on for years. i have even consulted a doctor about it, he felt my prostate through my anus, but found no problem in it. Anyway, this time i got no pain after the orgasm. The only reason i can think of is that i took a crap before W/we had sex. Hmm? Maybe W/we should try an enema before lovemaking?