Sunday, 30 May 2010

Friday night task list

Friday night Mistress was going to a fundraising gettogether arranged by the PTA and sent me a SMS in the afternoon: “a list is in the drawer, beware of mistakes”. In the list there were tasks for me to carry out all throught the evening: 1) change to casual clothes 2) eat (you may read the paper while eating) 3) change a garden lamp 4) iron Her skirt 5) do inventory of fridge and wash it up 6) bring firewood in 7) prepare porridge and lay the table 8) warm up sauna 9) arrange all cd’s alphabetically 10) clean up the walk-in closet. + No Internet. i complete the whole list, and still have time to go to sauna, do water aerobics and shower.

As i get kids to their swimming group Mistress returns and scolds me for taking the initiative. After returning She orders me again to the sauna with Her, we chat and i may massage Her shoulders and do a pedicure. We eat and i get the kids back.

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