Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My first orgasm in many weeks

On Saturday Mistress decides antiporn-software will be installed in my laptop. But first i must take care of my chores, and there are quite a lot after W/we get home from O/our Spanish lessons. i must make a fajitas meal and clean and warm up the sauna and make pancake dough. Then Mats’s sleepover guests arrive and W/we get to eat. As boys go to the sauna, i may prepare the pancakes. As boys get back, W/we go to sauna and for me it’s also full water aerobics. Then i get pancakes with melted ice cream.

i eat supper standing by the kitchen sink, cleaning the surfaces. i start installing Parental control antiporn software on my laptop, but many problems occur. Control software blocks normal sites or don’t block practically anything at all.

In the bedroom i may kneel before Her as She sits on the bed, and hug Her, caress Her breasts and then kiss them. She tells me to get and put on a condom, switch off the lights. The guests are still awake, i must be silent. W/we make love facing each other first, on O/our sides, then She wants me on top, lifts and bends Her legs, i squeeze Her buttocks, play a macho. She orders me up, gets on all fours by the bed, makes me fuck Her doggy style, but the position is not steady. Then on O/our sides from the back, caressing Her breasts the same time. She starts cumming, and though i have pulled my foreskin cafefully on top of the glans as i rolled on the condom, i get to the edge as well. i ask permission to withdraw, not permitted, i cum too. The volume of semen is enormous, i have not even had a ruined orgasm for many weeks!

Right after each full orgasm i usually get an intense pain in my prostate that last something like half an hour. This has been going on for years. i have even consulted a doctor about it, he felt my prostate through my anus, but found no problem in it. Anyway, this time i got no pain after the orgasm. The only reason i can think of is that i took a crap before W/we had sex. Hmm? Maybe W/we should try an enema before lovemaking?

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