Thursday, 20 May 2010

Payback time

Mistress is angry, as i am late again, and have not had time for the gym. i may eat only after i have warmed up the sauna with firewood. We go to sauna and i do the water aerobics in the pool. Then i must find a suitable recipe and prepare Mistress a whitefish lunch for the next day. After supper Mistress retires upstairs. i go web surfing, and get caught as She returns to check on me. i spend the rest of the evening folllowing Her closely. She orders me to go early to sleep with Her.

She takes hilarous Lina to overnight at the school with all the other kids – the overnight school. She says to Mats She’s taking me out for a walk, and leads U/us to a long route. We chat, She tells me about situations, when i have unreasonably troubled Her unthinkingly like during Her pregnancy, at some parties etc. Because of that it will be just right that i do majority of the work during the next 10 years. i keep admitting and think that it’s just better if She is strict and keeps me on a tight rein. As W/we return i’m eager to serve, i prepare semolina pudding according to Her wishes and clean up after myself. Then i may watch a nature documentary and fall asleep immediately. She orders me strictly into bed. i get a couple of hot kisses too.

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