Thursday, 6 May 2010

Slaving away on Fathers' Day

It’s Sunday and Father's Day. i wake up first, epilate and pluck my balls, make coffee and tea for Mistress. i notice that my servile mood is left, no sub drop. She wakes up, i ask what sort of breakfast She would like. i make sandwiches to Her liking, draw out a chair for Her and go get the paper for Her. i have not had chance to read the old ones, so i read a two day old paper myself. The boys wake up and i give my place to them. i continue installing new parental guard software on my laptop. As boys come to play with the other pc Mistress orders me first to clean up the kitchen lamp and then to bring firewood and make more of it.

i continue until Mistress asks me inside to solve a problem caused by parental control. i get also asked to tune the guitar. Sleepover kids get picked up, i make Indian rice and set up the fajitas meal again. As i serve a drink to Mistress, Lina wonders, shouldn’t it be me who gets service on Father’s Day. W/we eat, then i get the Father's Day presents. Long tight pyjama pants from Mistress, some small coins and a cd recording from Mats and a weaved clock from Lina. Unfortunately the clock has stopped ticking already.

Mistress finds it amusing that Father's Day lunch table is cleared by me, and that i also after that clean up kitchen thoroughly. After that She states that W/we are taking a walk, She leads the way. We tour some trail path, next i must empty the boat of water. Then i am allowed in, to continue with my parental control. Every now and then i must ask Mistress to type in Her (only) password to the parental control.

In the evening i must change bed sheets. i switch off lights in the bed and get scared. i had not asked permission for that. i am beginning to be conditioned for slavery!

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