Monday, 31 May 2010

(Very) little T&D crowns the weekend

On Saturday W/we sleep in. i wake up first, prepare breakfast, epilate and pluck myself, get the paper, make tea and coffee. i ask permission to go to car eash, but there are too many cars there, i don’t have time to stay as W/we are heading for the birthday party of Mistress’s sister, who’s turning 40. Mistress has chosen my clothes, allows me to choose the route. W/we eat first in a fancy restaurant in Stavanger then cakes at her home. W/we stay at Her mother’s. i may massage Her stockinged legs under a bright red skirt.

On Sunday Mistress has decided i’ll visit my old mama at the old-age home. i make my mother’s bed, decorate her room while my family visits a nearby mall. Then W/we head back home, where i’m supposed to unpack the bags, warm up the sauna, suggest some delicacy for supper.

i may not take my weekly beer in sauna, as i got a little sparkling wine yeterday. i may prepare tortilla espaƱola while the O/others are watching telly. Then W/we eat and i wash the pans. i read the paper while cooking. i must also find a recipe for Mistress’s lunch tomorrow and take the ingredients from freezer. i am responsible if the food cabinets are not stocked.

Then upstairs, wash ups, waiting standing until She comes, kisses me on the mouth, lowers my pyjma pants to my ankles, tosses me on the bed, jumps on top of me, grabs my balls (first time She touches my genitals with Her hand for a long, long time) and pulls on them long and hard. Then pants up, and i must read book on clouds for half an hour or so.

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