Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Pants around my ankles

My well satisfied Wife sleeps late in the morning. i wake up at 7.30, epilate, pluck my balls thoroughly, pick up the paper, make sandwiches, take myself the end crust and the worst parts of the tomato. When She wakes up, i brew the tea for Her and let Her choose what parts of today’s paper She wants.

i have to make some amends to my company’s financial statement now, and a list of shareholders. After that Mistress wants to go for a long walk, though it’s windy. She leads U/us luckily to the best cafĂ© in town, where She orders a slice of cake and coffee also for me! i pay of course. Then W/we walk back home, me half a step behind so i know where She’s going. It feels stupid to go to the wrong direction. i must follow Her without any spoken instructions.

At home i warm up some lunch, and spend some time ironing my pants and jackets. Then She wants the sauna warmed up. i also put new towels in place and brush the sauna and bathroom floor. i check what i can wear after sauna, a sleeveless shirt and pyjama pants that is. After sauna i report in the living room, kids are at a computer at my study. She orders me to drop the pants top my ankles, which i do, and wait with a hard-on until She orders me to put the pants back on and make gruel for supper.

Mistress says i must from now on remind Her so that W/we watch one tv new broadcast a day, and i alarm Her about it for the first time.

After cleaning up the kitchen i may prepare for bed. Then i may read a novel aloud to Mistress sitting on the bed. And Good Night!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Scrubbing the toilet floor naked

Mistress has returned home as i arrive. i may sit legs spread in Her lap, facing Her. She kisses me.

We eat the food i made yesterday. i am ordered to do groceries shopping. As i get back She has taken the kids to their swimming rehearsals. She gives me a bucket with Chlorite detergent, a rag, a toothbrush and rubber gloves. i follow Her hurriedly upstairs. There i am made to position an easy chair directly at the toilet.

She orders me to completely undress and don a small apron. She makes me wash the toilet floor on my knees, nakes ass up in the air, rubber gloves in my hands as She watches me from the easy chair. The toilet floor has somehow gained a peelike odour. i’ll have to work with the toothbrush which i must wet in Chlorite, and wash the seams extra carefully.

She interrupts me to get Her a glass of red wine. Then She orders me to redo certain parts. As She approves the results i must put on pyjama pants and put things back in place. Next She makes me rub Her feet, before i must collect the kids.

As the kids are sleeping, i settle by Mistress in bed in my pyjamas. She starts fondling me, and let’s me fondle Her, squeeze Her buttocks, rub Her crotch with my hand. Then She wants me on top of Her, i poke Her with my penis which are tenting my pants.

i may undress now and rub Her crotch with my bare penis, and next i am allowed to push it inside Her and fuck Her lightly without a condom. She seems to enjoy it better bare. i take care not to get too excited, i try to live up to Her trust. She settles on all fours, i continue fucking Her cautiously. Soon She orgasms, and i can conitnue fucking Her all through Her orgasm, until She orders me to stop. Pyjamas on, to sleep!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Alone at home with chore list

As W/we go to bed after i have emptied the diswasher and cleaned the kitchen i get to read the cloud book while i sit in the bed as Mats is awake. Mistress massages my penis through the blankets which feels heavenly! i must read a long time, i nearly fall to sleep a few times during reading, and even my chaw starts to go into non-responding mood, but i continue until She commands me to stop.

Mistress travels to neighboring town, i am the nanny. She has left me a list of work to do, i go through the tasks. They include sweeping the chandelier crystals clean one by one, warming up the sauna, taking care of the laundry, buring cardboard in the fireplace. Water aerobics while in the sauna department.

Mistress still gone, the chore list continues: cleaning up my own walk-in closet, preparing a meal for Friday. At night i have some free time and go to, a very thoughtful, and deeply psychological but practical description of a woman sexually enslaving men.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

A new way to lick Her pussy

Mistess orders children’s favourite ”Pippi cassarole”. i make it with fresh vegetables and get praise. i eat and get a pyjama. Mistress has warmed up the sauna and i get to use it. As She gets in the sauna, i raise up and let Her choose whatever place She wants. My muscles are still hurting from the exercises, i ask and am allowed to skip the water aerobics.

W/we eat supper and chat, then put kids to bed. Permission to brush teeth, then on my knees by the bed. i have to read the cloud book again. She is knitting, i have to get Her scissors. Then She orders me on my back on the bed. She starts groping my genitals. i spread my legs spontaneously and enjoy. Then She knocks on my head, points to my feet. i move towards the foot of the bed, raise my feet over the footboard. She tooks out Her breasts, turns so i can touch them. i nibble a nipple in my mouth and start suckling on it like a baby. As She raises herself i say felt like a baby. She thinks it’s repulsive. She turns off the light, sits on me. i feel Her under her nightie and She moves on my face so that by raising my head i can lick he pussy. i lick and try a specialty: turning my head so my lips are aligned with Her pussy lips. She seems to like that a lot. i start squeezing Her buttocks too.

She orders me to lock the door, get a condom and undress. i settle down in bed, She grabs and pulls my balls as i roll on the condom, lets me cover my glans with foreskin. Then i may start fast tapping from below. i continue full speed until She orders me to doggy style position. Everything goes fine and She cums soon. i can continue fucking Her all through Her orgasm without edging.

She praises the orgasm as very enjoyable, i’m proud. i ask whether i take the used condom to kitchen waste, She orders me to get a glass of water to Her as i go. i brag She would have hard time finding another man that would cum only on command, which may come only after 6 months. i bring the water, serve it on my knees, then to bed, with hard clitty-cock.

Friday, 11 June 2010

A little masturbation, after long waiting

On Sunday i’m the first to wake up, i do a renovation of my pubic hair, i epilate more of my upper thighs and the crack, i create a neat, short cropped triangle of pubes, and shave my armpits. Mistress arrives as i am washing up my clitty that has started to ooze a lot of precum. We hug. She grabs my balls, wants tea and a sandwich which i prepare and serve. i ask if i get Her the paper, i dart out to get it and hand it to Her, only then i start making myself coffee. As i have started to eat my sandwiches, She says She wants another, and i must stop eating, curtsey and make Her a new one. i use the juiciest parts of tomatoes for her sandwiches, get the bad skin parts myself. Next She wants more tea, then i may clear the table.

Next i may start planning lunch. She approves salmon soup, orders me to rawspice the rest.As salmon is rawpickled and soup ingredients are chopped, She informs that i leave for the gym now alone. i know my program there: 5 minutes od rowing in the beginning and in the end, 3*15 abdominals, 3*15 back, 2*3*15 twists etc. etc.

As i get back home i prepare the large amont of soup, lay the table, and clean whole kitchen before we sit down for lunch. She takes care that i clear th lunch table before i serve Her tea and a bun. i get coffee myself and may read the paper.

Mistress makes me run small errands all the time: Get handkerchief, get cotton wool, etc. She takes out some tools and orders me to take them upstairs. There She drills a hole in the wall for a new rug fixture. i will have to fix my tie rack.

We go to the laptop together, She assures i only pay the bills. However She leaves me alone after a while, and i flee to chastity pages. i get caught as She gets back, my expression gives me away. She is not very angry.

She orders me to put on plastic gloves and an apron. She teaches me how to dust the air conditioning filters. Dusting the filters out in the cold is not one’s favourite job. She hints that She maybe allows me to masturbate today!

i must suggest something yummy for supper: i prepare an omelett. We watch TV, i sit on the floor by Her, ask Her for candy. It’s like mother and child. i may take a cookie. This is the normal way of things: i must get Her permission for anything sweet.

Lights off and upstairs, She orders me to sit in a chair. We sit and chat. She orders brushing teeth and change to pyjamas. She washes Her feet, i dry them spontaneuously. i take Her knickers to laundry basket and take the bed covers off for Her. i settle on my knees. She glances on me, reads a Spanish Vivo-magazine. She orders me to take my shirt off, lock the door, remove the pants. My erection is at full mast. i continue up on my knees, as She glances on me and reads further. i can do nothing but wait. Then She asks about a Transvestite performer at Talent US: “Would you like to be like him?” She asks me to open Her wardrobe closet: is there something i would like to us? i say the most essential ones are skirt, corset and stockings. i wait a long time, standing at attention by the closet. ‘Close the closet, back on your knees’. She continues reading Her mag, i try to kneel still, not making me knees squeak. Finally: “What if you get a couple of minutes of your own time?” “Oh You mean now?” “Yes” i begin rapid masturbation, which lead to the edge in two minutes. i take my hand away, not even a ruined orgasm. Pyjama on, to sleep.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

In the morning i remove the straps and put them back to the chest. During the day an SMS asks about a sore neck and i thank Her for restoring the discipline.

Saturday morning we oversleep and morning epilation has to be jumped over. We go straight to over Spanish classes. As W/we get back i purchase porkchops discounted for nearing theit best before dates and make them for me and Mats with smashed potatoes (from powder). Kind of a slave food. i make veggie meal for Mistress. Then i have to warm up the sauna – full water aerobics for me. In the evening i read a long batch of the cloud book while i sit on the floor, and Mistress scratches Mats’s back in the bed. Then a wet kiss and to sleep.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

She "rapes" me


Home from work, casual clothes on, eating, sauna on. We had no diet coke and Mistress gave only orange juice or water as alterntives for the sauna. Full water aerobics.

She bakes, i get to clean up afterwards. As She gives me no further orders i get depressed and sit down by the TV. Even by asking i don’t get an order what to do with supper. So i start eating a dried rye bread and read the paper in the kitchen. Mistress comes and looks at me but doesn’t say anything.

Upstairs i ask her if this is over now. She gets angry, as i say She doesn’t order me around any more. A long and winding conversation follows in O/our bed, until She takes the reigns again as it gets clear i want to continue. “Get the keys to the chest”. i get it and hand it to Her. She’s angry for me not to open the chest already. “Find the posture collar.” i do. “Put it on”. “A Strap”, she points at the bed, i get there on my back. She ties my head from the posture collar to the head of the bed tightly. She asks if She can now punch me in the face. I’m afraid of Her.

She pulls my pants off, examines my crotch, even touches my penis, pulls on my balls. i have a huge erection. Then She says Lina has noticed that “dad has a new electric shaver and he shaves himself with it all the time”. She has however let me continue with it as i like it so much. i lose erection immediately. i’m sorry, i have not wanted the kids to find out anything. She pulls my balls long and hard, the erection returns slowly. “Turn on your belly” She bites brutally my buttock, then the other. i must moan. She praises my buttocks for being tight. Then She starts to get a grip on my thighs with Her teeth and i start panicking. “Bite the pillow” i do so and She continues biting me for a long time. Then i must turn around again and move the pillow so that the wet spot is not near Her. She smacks my balls, which hurts a long time and makes me bring my hand to cover my balls. “Don’t cover your balls”. i take the hand away. She sits on top of me, pulls off my shirt, uncovers my nipples, grabs them, pulls and twists hard, until i have full erection again. She takes my erection now and start to press on it with Her full force, which feels… awkward.

She starts to rub Her naked crotch against my penis, and soon She starts to implae herself on it so quickly that it hurts me, and i start to back into the bed. She starts making love to me without a condom, which feels great. She gets the movements so right. Then She stands up, gets a condom, orders me to put it on. Then She gives me more neck leash, orders me on my side and settles by me facing away, lifts Her upper leg and guides my penis inside again. i start fucking with a rapidish tempo, taking care to bounce into Her buttocks with each thrust. i take care not to cum. i have pulled the foreskin over the glans as i put on the condom, that helps, but we’re on the danger zone. Soon She starts to make pleasure noises and i pick up the pace, make Her cum by doubling it. No cummies for me. She orders me to sleep with my condom on – in the morning the penis smells like rubber. i must sleep with my collar strapped to the bed, and i sleep well.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Why is dad serving you?


Home from work, change my clothes, eat, hang the laundry, take out carbage, take Mistress’s gear into Her car. Mats is making a pie, he succeeds making a good one. i put the dishwasher on. Then She orders me to make supper.

Lina is wondering why i “serve” Her. She refers to Her taking care of all three of us for 10 years, now it’s my time to take car of Her. She says i do it voluntarily. So tea and sandwiches it is, and emptying the dishwasher. Then i may put the kids to bed, and report to Mistress afterwards downstairs. As W/we get back upstairs later, Mistress wants to kiss me on the mouth standing on a higher step. i am about to forget me aerobics, i have to complete it and read her the cloud book.


Getting home late, i may change clothes and eat, i get also two licorice sweets as a treat. Then sauna on, out with Her car to pick Lina up, take ads to different bulletin boards, and go to car wash.

She has started making porridge, i may finish it. We go to sauna together. She checks i have nothing but diet coke in my thermos. After sauna i put on my father’s day present long johns. They are tight at the ass, which She likes. Upstairs i brush my teeth and then She orders me in the bed on my back and settles on me, kissing me. Then i have to get on my knees to read the cloud book again.


Mistress takes me and Mats to a walk on the beach.

Later She makes me undress thoroughly in the bedroom, but Lina starts to cry, and to momentum goes by. To sleep.