Friday, 25 June 2010

Alone at home with chore list

As W/we go to bed after i have emptied the diswasher and cleaned the kitchen i get to read the cloud book while i sit in the bed as Mats is awake. Mistress massages my penis through the blankets which feels heavenly! i must read a long time, i nearly fall to sleep a few times during reading, and even my chaw starts to go into non-responding mood, but i continue until She commands me to stop.

Mistress travels to neighboring town, i am the nanny. She has left me a list of work to do, i go through the tasks. They include sweeping the chandelier crystals clean one by one, warming up the sauna, taking care of the laundry, buring cardboard in the fireplace. Water aerobics while in the sauna department.

Mistress still gone, the chore list continues: cleaning up my own walk-in closet, preparing a meal for Friday. At night i have some free time and go to, a very thoughtful, and deeply psychological but practical description of a woman sexually enslaving men.

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