Friday, 11 June 2010

A little masturbation, after long waiting

On Sunday i’m the first to wake up, i do a renovation of my pubic hair, i epilate more of my upper thighs and the crack, i create a neat, short cropped triangle of pubes, and shave my armpits. Mistress arrives as i am washing up my clitty that has started to ooze a lot of precum. We hug. She grabs my balls, wants tea and a sandwich which i prepare and serve. i ask if i get Her the paper, i dart out to get it and hand it to Her, only then i start making myself coffee. As i have started to eat my sandwiches, She says She wants another, and i must stop eating, curtsey and make Her a new one. i use the juiciest parts of tomatoes for her sandwiches, get the bad skin parts myself. Next She wants more tea, then i may clear the table.

Next i may start planning lunch. She approves salmon soup, orders me to rawspice the rest.As salmon is rawpickled and soup ingredients are chopped, She informs that i leave for the gym now alone. i know my program there: 5 minutes od rowing in the beginning and in the end, 3*15 abdominals, 3*15 back, 2*3*15 twists etc. etc.

As i get back home i prepare the large amont of soup, lay the table, and clean whole kitchen before we sit down for lunch. She takes care that i clear th lunch table before i serve Her tea and a bun. i get coffee myself and may read the paper.

Mistress makes me run small errands all the time: Get handkerchief, get cotton wool, etc. She takes out some tools and orders me to take them upstairs. There She drills a hole in the wall for a new rug fixture. i will have to fix my tie rack.

We go to the laptop together, She assures i only pay the bills. However She leaves me alone after a while, and i flee to chastity pages. i get caught as She gets back, my expression gives me away. She is not very angry.

She orders me to put on plastic gloves and an apron. She teaches me how to dust the air conditioning filters. Dusting the filters out in the cold is not one’s favourite job. She hints that She maybe allows me to masturbate today!

i must suggest something yummy for supper: i prepare an omelett. We watch TV, i sit on the floor by Her, ask Her for candy. It’s like mother and child. i may take a cookie. This is the normal way of things: i must get Her permission for anything sweet.

Lights off and upstairs, She orders me to sit in a chair. We sit and chat. She orders brushing teeth and change to pyjamas. She washes Her feet, i dry them spontaneuously. i take Her knickers to laundry basket and take the bed covers off for Her. i settle on my knees. She glances on me, reads a Spanish Vivo-magazine. She orders me to take my shirt off, lock the door, remove the pants. My erection is at full mast. i continue up on my knees, as She glances on me and reads further. i can do nothing but wait. Then She asks about a Transvestite performer at Talent US: “Would you like to be like him?” She asks me to open Her wardrobe closet: is there something i would like to us? i say the most essential ones are skirt, corset and stockings. i wait a long time, standing at attention by the closet. ‘Close the closet, back on your knees’. She continues reading Her mag, i try to kneel still, not making me knees squeak. Finally: “What if you get a couple of minutes of your own time?” “Oh You mean now?” “Yes” i begin rapid masturbation, which lead to the edge in two minutes. i take my hand away, not even a ruined orgasm. Pyjama on, to sleep.

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