Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Pants around my ankles

My well satisfied Wife sleeps late in the morning. i wake up at 7.30, epilate, pluck my balls thoroughly, pick up the paper, make sandwiches, take myself the end crust and the worst parts of the tomato. When She wakes up, i brew the tea for Her and let Her choose what parts of today’s paper She wants.

i have to make some amends to my company’s financial statement now, and a list of shareholders. After that Mistress wants to go for a long walk, though it’s windy. She leads U/us luckily to the best cafĂ© in town, where She orders a slice of cake and coffee also for me! i pay of course. Then W/we walk back home, me half a step behind so i know where She’s going. It feels stupid to go to the wrong direction. i must follow Her without any spoken instructions.

At home i warm up some lunch, and spend some time ironing my pants and jackets. Then She wants the sauna warmed up. i also put new towels in place and brush the sauna and bathroom floor. i check what i can wear after sauna, a sleeveless shirt and pyjama pants that is. After sauna i report in the living room, kids are at a computer at my study. She orders me to drop the pants top my ankles, which i do, and wait with a hard-on until She orders me to put the pants back on and make gruel for supper.

Mistress says i must from now on remind Her so that W/we watch one tv new broadcast a day, and i alarm Her about it for the first time.

After cleaning up the kitchen i may prepare for bed. Then i may read a novel aloud to Mistress sitting on the bed. And Good Night!

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