Sunday, 27 June 2010

Scrubbing the toilet floor naked

Mistress has returned home as i arrive. i may sit legs spread in Her lap, facing Her. She kisses me.

We eat the food i made yesterday. i am ordered to do groceries shopping. As i get back She has taken the kids to their swimming rehearsals. She gives me a bucket with Chlorite detergent, a rag, a toothbrush and rubber gloves. i follow Her hurriedly upstairs. There i am made to position an easy chair directly at the toilet.

She orders me to completely undress and don a small apron. She makes me wash the toilet floor on my knees, nakes ass up in the air, rubber gloves in my hands as She watches me from the easy chair. The toilet floor has somehow gained a peelike odour. i’ll have to work with the toothbrush which i must wet in Chlorite, and wash the seams extra carefully.

She interrupts me to get Her a glass of red wine. Then She orders me to redo certain parts. As She approves the results i must put on pyjama pants and put things back in place. Next She makes me rub Her feet, before i must collect the kids.

As the kids are sleeping, i settle by Mistress in bed in my pyjamas. She starts fondling me, and let’s me fondle Her, squeeze Her buttocks, rub Her crotch with my hand. Then She wants me on top of Her, i poke Her with my penis which are tenting my pants.

i may undress now and rub Her crotch with my bare penis, and next i am allowed to push it inside Her and fuck Her lightly without a condom. She seems to enjoy it better bare. i take care not to get too excited, i try to live up to Her trust. She settles on all fours, i continue fucking Her cautiously. Soon She orgasms, and i can conitnue fucking Her all through Her orgasm, until She orders me to stop. Pyjamas on, to sleep!

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