Sunday, 6 June 2010

She "rapes" me


Home from work, casual clothes on, eating, sauna on. We had no diet coke and Mistress gave only orange juice or water as alterntives for the sauna. Full water aerobics.

She bakes, i get to clean up afterwards. As She gives me no further orders i get depressed and sit down by the TV. Even by asking i don’t get an order what to do with supper. So i start eating a dried rye bread and read the paper in the kitchen. Mistress comes and looks at me but doesn’t say anything.

Upstairs i ask her if this is over now. She gets angry, as i say She doesn’t order me around any more. A long and winding conversation follows in O/our bed, until She takes the reigns again as it gets clear i want to continue. “Get the keys to the chest”. i get it and hand it to Her. She’s angry for me not to open the chest already. “Find the posture collar.” i do. “Put it on”. “A Strap”, she points at the bed, i get there on my back. She ties my head from the posture collar to the head of the bed tightly. She asks if She can now punch me in the face. I’m afraid of Her.

She pulls my pants off, examines my crotch, even touches my penis, pulls on my balls. i have a huge erection. Then She says Lina has noticed that “dad has a new electric shaver and he shaves himself with it all the time”. She has however let me continue with it as i like it so much. i lose erection immediately. i’m sorry, i have not wanted the kids to find out anything. She pulls my balls long and hard, the erection returns slowly. “Turn on your belly” She bites brutally my buttock, then the other. i must moan. She praises my buttocks for being tight. Then She starts to get a grip on my thighs with Her teeth and i start panicking. “Bite the pillow” i do so and She continues biting me for a long time. Then i must turn around again and move the pillow so that the wet spot is not near Her. She smacks my balls, which hurts a long time and makes me bring my hand to cover my balls. “Don’t cover your balls”. i take the hand away. She sits on top of me, pulls off my shirt, uncovers my nipples, grabs them, pulls and twists hard, until i have full erection again. She takes my erection now and start to press on it with Her full force, which feels… awkward.

She starts to rub Her naked crotch against my penis, and soon She starts to implae herself on it so quickly that it hurts me, and i start to back into the bed. She starts making love to me without a condom, which feels great. She gets the movements so right. Then She stands up, gets a condom, orders me to put it on. Then She gives me more neck leash, orders me on my side and settles by me facing away, lifts Her upper leg and guides my penis inside again. i start fucking with a rapidish tempo, taking care to bounce into Her buttocks with each thrust. i take care not to cum. i have pulled the foreskin over the glans as i put on the condom, that helps, but we’re on the danger zone. Soon She starts to make pleasure noises and i pick up the pace, make Her cum by doubling it. No cummies for me. She orders me to sleep with my condom on – in the morning the penis smells like rubber. i must sleep with my collar strapped to the bed, and i sleep well.

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