Saturday, 5 June 2010

Why is dad serving you?


Home from work, change my clothes, eat, hang the laundry, take out carbage, take Mistress’s gear into Her car. Mats is making a pie, he succeeds making a good one. i put the dishwasher on. Then She orders me to make supper.

Lina is wondering why i “serve” Her. She refers to Her taking care of all three of us for 10 years, now it’s my time to take car of Her. She says i do it voluntarily. So tea and sandwiches it is, and emptying the dishwasher. Then i may put the kids to bed, and report to Mistress afterwards downstairs. As W/we get back upstairs later, Mistress wants to kiss me on the mouth standing on a higher step. i am about to forget me aerobics, i have to complete it and read her the cloud book.


Getting home late, i may change clothes and eat, i get also two licorice sweets as a treat. Then sauna on, out with Her car to pick Lina up, take ads to different bulletin boards, and go to car wash.

She has started making porridge, i may finish it. We go to sauna together. She checks i have nothing but diet coke in my thermos. After sauna i put on my father’s day present long johns. They are tight at the ass, which She likes. Upstairs i brush my teeth and then She orders me in the bed on my back and settles on me, kissing me. Then i have to get on my knees to read the cloud book again.


Mistress takes me and Mats to a walk on the beach.

Later She makes me undress thoroughly in the bedroom, but Lina starts to cry, and to momentum goes by. To sleep.


  1. i was wondering, if a Woman is into Female Supremacy, like You too are, when do you train the kids to become part of Female Supremacy?

  2. Just to let you know, i answered Tony in my 31th July post.