Saturday, 31 July 2010

Introducing kids to female supremacy – A note to Tony

Sorry for not following your comments, as there has been so few of them. Tony asked some time ago: i was wondering, if a Woman is into Female Supremacy, like You too are, when do you train the kids to become part of Female Supremacy?

That’s an interesting issue. O/our strict guideline is that W/we will not try to train O/our kids into female supremacy, or affect their sexual development in any other way. W/we don’t expose the sexual nature of O/our relationship to kids. However Mistress in no way tries to hide that She has authority over me, and She can give direct commands to me, which i always immediately start to fulfil.

Kids have asked a few times, why daddy always obeys mom. What will W/we answer? W/we say that mom has taken care of all household chores for years (which is more or less true). So it is only fair that dad now takes care of cooking and other household chores.

Lina is sometimes a bit jealous for Mistress. Once she asked: why does dad only obey mom and not me. She seems also naturally dominant. She may choose D/s as an adult but that’s up to her entirely. But W/we think it is good for her to know that there are nice men who are docile, who obey and respect Women and do their share of housework.

Mats on the other hand is quite shy and passive, and Mistress has made fun saying that he would need a strong woman in his life. W/we think it would be OK if kids would find female supremacy using this practical life example W/we are giving, but W/we are not pushing it on either of them.

In O/our case Mistress is also taking part in many chores, so kids don’t find the home routine totally odd. However W/we have quite reversed roles, She takes care of many typical male chores, like maintenance, woodwork etc. She uses me as a helping hand in those chores that require a lot of physical force. In posts to follow i will describe how She has handled building projects on Her own using hired workmen. Kids think all this is natural as they have grown into this.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Preparing gourmet, but not for me


i wake up at 5.30am only after 5 hours of sleep. In the early mornings i’m allowed to use net freely, and i patter to my study and open MsRikas site. i’m so on the same wavelength with MsRika that i cannot to masturbate a little. It’s the first time in 4 months i masturbate. i think it’s peculiar as i just got an orgasm last night.

i’m hot and bothered all day, no sign of subdrop after the orgasm. i call to Mistress and mention again to Her about msRika and her Sub Utility Quotient and it’s 50 point list. We agree that i try to move into a more proactive slavery: i don’t just wait for orders, but i change my clothes as i get home, clean up the kitchen automatically. We also discuss me making a weekly menu and me looking up TV programs for Her, programs that might interest Her. This is another idea i found from MsRika.

i suggest making spinach zander rolls and lovage sauce and get her permission. It takes nearly whole evening, with side dishes green smashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. i get a little hungry myself as i prepare the dish, but i don’t eat anything, i think of MsRikas slave’s birthday tale in which the male is kept starving. The dish is ready, i clean up the pile of dirty dishes i caused, as Mistress sits down with kids to take portions of zander rolls. After i have cleaned the kitchen, i take some old leftovers for myself.

W/we get tired very early and retire early.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My second cum in 4 months

i don’t wake up very early, but i have time to browse the web a little, prepare semolina gruel, epilate, pluck my ball hairs, cook water for Mistress's tea, get the paper and prepare coffee, in this exact order. After breakfast W/we get out, to take care of beach chairs and shades tossed about by the storm. Mistress comes along, and decides exactly what to do with them. i have to gather sticks in a pile.

Back inside, i teach Mats to play guitar according to an order by Mistress. He turns out talented. During that Mistress has started to prepare lunch by warming up yesterday’s leftovers. i make fun of her “taking over the kitchen”. We eat, i get my coffee and then She wants to a walk in the forest. She doesn’t want to go shopping, so W/we don’t. i have come to accept Her opinions without a murmur. In the forest i start running around her like a puppy, but She doen’t enjoy that. Later i look for mushrooms, thinking i get a prize from Her if i find a lot. Well, i find some and i may prepare a mushroom soup back home. After that Mistress gives me permission to use net while i’m warming up the sauna. Kids are playing in my study, i grab my laptop and prepare an essay and read the rest of FrancescasPizza.

After sauna i do the water aerobics and exfoliate my crotch, and go to net to look for new sites. i find by accident MsRika, which seems really inspiring. Unfortunately her site has disappeared from the net, but most of it is found here. She has also published a book Uniquely Rika MsRika’s trademark is cum consuming – either cumming directly in your own mouth or kneeling and waiting, when you are allowed to lick your cum up from the floor. It has other fun stuff like training your sub to cum as countdown end. i keep reading it as the others watch TV and i after putting the kids to bed i continue reading.

Mistress watches TV until midnight. After that getting ready to bed, bedroom door is locked, She wants stockings from the toy chest, and i may kiss Her kneeling by the bed as She sits on the edge – really erotic. She orders me on my back on the bed, i may lick Her pussy from below. She drops by me, i may suck Her nipples and squeeze Her buttocks. Then She rides my face again, and She takes a condom and i may roll it on. She rides my clitty, then i may fuck Her from behind on my side until She cums, and takes me with Her over the edge: i get my second orgasm in 4 months. i was too excited from the beginning. Mistress is not mad at me, She thinks it’s just nice it turned out like that. i lack the courage to ask Her if i should eat my cum as a punishment for cumming.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Cleaning time

On Saturday W/we go to a local market, where i carry an umbrella for Her as it is raining, and follow Her around. As W/we get back home i may prepare chicken korma; i must also set the table nicely. As i have run out of my usual sourmilk, Mistress informs me in front of O/our children that i may now take one beer, but will remain without my weekly sauna beer.

W/we have also time together without kids on Saturday, as kids go to their friends. During that time Mistress makes me clean and polish all Mistress’s shoes and also wash the shoe cabinet shelves, cleaning cupboard floor and trash can cabinet floor in the kitchen. As She goes by She grabs my ass through the pants. i change a light bulb, take out carbage and compostables. i prepare decorative ornaments by glueing acorns on Christmas balls, all supervised by Mistress. i move apidly, must bring Mistress tea at times. W/we prepare a charlotte russe together. i get to pick up both kids and the nigt is finalized by watching Gilbert Grape together.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Maid in apron


i wake up early and read more from francescaspizza, make some gruel, get the paper and lay the breakfast table. As soon as kids leave W/we start to discuss about stating right away. i may lower the curtains and follow Mistress upstairs with an apron.

i must get naked, take out the electric dog training collar, don the apron, and put the collar – not on my genitals as i thought – but on my neck like dogs wear it. After a little testing She gives me a shock that gets me startled, even though the setting is low. Then i must teeter downstairs wearing only this little apron and get a bucket, toothbrush, detergent and a washcloth. i’ll have to reclean the toilet floor as the smell of pee did not vanish. i set to work and brushed this time also the toilet bowl thoroughly in my humiliating costume.

Mistress returns upstairs, checks my work, and gives me a shock for forgetting what i was going to be shocked for. Then i must but the equipment away. Before starting handwashing Her sweater, She orders me to patter back upstairs to get dirty laundry to the washing machine. Then i must put a big bowl on a work surface, add water and two spoonfuls of detergent and start scrubbing Her favourite sweater. i continue mechanically. i notice that in this position the glans of my erect clitty hits easily the edge of the work surface, and i start doing it deliberately while scrubbing until i understand that it is masturbation and i let the clitty down.

Mistress gets by, notes that the water is cloudy, and i must change the water and rinse it and put it to dry. Then i must plan the lunch: soy marinated salmon, wild rice and sauce mornay. i may put the salmon to marinate right away, and go the clean my shelf in the bathroom. After that She orders me to dress to outdoors clothes, W/we go out. i take a raincoat as it is raining. i must carry equipment to the shed, empty the rowing boat, do some raking, covering some plants, open the spouts and then back in. There i continue on a run like all morning.

i start preparing all the dishes, they turn out fine. Then i serve the lunch, draw a chair for Mistress, offer some wine, which She doesn’t want. W/we eat, She orders me to get Her remote and She gives me a level 2 shock just for the fun of it. It makes me jump a little, mainly for the fright. Then She orders me to change the shock collar to my genitals, and surprise, i can’t even feel the level 1 shock behind my balls. Also #2 feels mild. Is the neck more sensitive?

i still have to remove some ceiling ornaments in my ruffles (that benefit me also by absorbing my precum so it doesn’t drip on the floor) and go out to the balcony to hang some laundry there, still early naked. She allows me to bend my knees and make myself as small as possible to avoid being seen by anybody (unlikely, the balcony is mostly to the sea). The wind is hard, making the job difficult.

Soon Lina comes homes from school, so i change to regular clothes. In the evening my prostate is sore for the first time without any mapipulating of the genitals. W/we watch an art movie chosen by Mistress, i prepare supper and take the kids to their hobbies and back.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Made drunk by Mistress


It’s already late as i get home after evening meetings that i have of course informed Mistress beforehand. i get to dress into my nightwear: sleeveless tight shirt and pyjama pants. The pants have however have come apart, and Mistress orders me to bend at the waist an show my humiliating costume to Mats so that he can laugh at me as well.

She lets me drink two glasses of wine. After being kept practically sober for 4 months i get completely intoxicated. Next She orders me to wipe up the kitchen table of old dirt, and clean up the kitchen otherwise. As She gets upstairs i go to my laptop, but i hear Her come down and hurry back to clean the kitchen before She sees me.

Mistress orders me to write a letter to my old aunt. i have not written any letter for ages but the task is easy when you’re drunk.

Upstairs Mistress grills me about my time usage. i try to prove i have not used net.

She says next Friday, as kids are in school and W/we are both at home, i will have to wash up the ceiling wearing only a small apron.

We –


We do some rounds in the house, She adds tasks to my task list. i may disentangle the mess of wiring in my study, and open the sewer under the bathroom sink and clear it thoroughy.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Kneeling and masturbating for Her


i find Mistress in Her study as i return from work – kisses, clothes, food, paying bills, then reporting to Mistress again. i must stock the house with firewood and soon it’s time to make supper for everybody.

After getting ready for bed i stand befor Her in pyjama pants and tight sleeveless shirt. “Lock the door”, She says. i start to get a hard-on. i settle on my knees next to the bed. “Sure you wouldn’t like to masturbate” “Yes, Mistress, i would like to” “This time you won’t make the floor slippery on my side of the bed”, She says. i move to my side of the bed, kneel. “You may masturbate and edge two time, no cumming”.

i drop my pants around my ankles and set to work quickly. After a minute i’m close to cumming and i let go of the clitty. After a while a trickle of cum flows from the clitty to the floor. Ruined orgasm is not really an orgasm at all. When i masturbate i fel pleasure, but after i have taken my hand away i don’t feel a thing: clitty doesn’t twist or shake, the cum flows out like pee. Mistress worries about the floor. Then i continue, and after a very short time i’m edging again, but as i take my hand off, no ejaculation follows this time.

i must wash the floor now, and get Her scissors. It’s the sort of errand boy tasks i have to run all the time for Her. i notice all the time i wanked She was weaving and reading a women’s magazine, not much laying an eye on me. Then to bed.

i wake up as late as 8am, epilate, make gruel for breakfast, fetch paper for Mistress, brew Her tea, measure coffee in the coffeemaker. W/we eat, then She orders me to iron the curtains. Kids are making a gingerbread house, as i print out financial statement papers and fill in tax return. In the mean time they have messed up the kitchen, i get to form the last gingerbreads and clean the mess up.

Mistress keeps a tight schedule for me today. i get no free time, small and large tasks follow each other. Next i must make lunch: potatoes, smoked salmon, vegetables. She has given a standing order that each meal has to include vegetables. Then i must empty ashes and put on fire in the fireplace. i ask meekly if i can make myself a up of coffee, as i get a headache if i don’t get a small cup of coffee in the afternoon. She laughs, She has not paid attention to that.

Towards evening the flow of orders wanes. i must still find a recipe for sandwiches and prepare shrimp-egg-pitas, then W/we watch Talent. A whole weekend without net porn!