Friday, 23 July 2010

Cleaning time

On Saturday W/we go to a local market, where i carry an umbrella for Her as it is raining, and follow Her around. As W/we get back home i may prepare chicken korma; i must also set the table nicely. As i have run out of my usual sourmilk, Mistress informs me in front of O/our children that i may now take one beer, but will remain without my weekly sauna beer.

W/we have also time together without kids on Saturday, as kids go to their friends. During that time Mistress makes me clean and polish all Mistress’s shoes and also wash the shoe cabinet shelves, cleaning cupboard floor and trash can cabinet floor in the kitchen. As She goes by She grabs my ass through the pants. i change a light bulb, take out carbage and compostables. i prepare decorative ornaments by glueing acorns on Christmas balls, all supervised by Mistress. i move apidly, must bring Mistress tea at times. W/we prepare a charlotte russe together. i get to pick up both kids and the nigt is finalized by watching Gilbert Grape together.

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