Saturday, 31 July 2010

Introducing kids to female supremacy – A note to Tony

Sorry for not following your comments, as there has been so few of them. Tony asked some time ago: i was wondering, if a Woman is into Female Supremacy, like You too are, when do you train the kids to become part of Female Supremacy?

That’s an interesting issue. O/our strict guideline is that W/we will not try to train O/our kids into female supremacy, or affect their sexual development in any other way. W/we don’t expose the sexual nature of O/our relationship to kids. However Mistress in no way tries to hide that She has authority over me, and She can give direct commands to me, which i always immediately start to fulfil.

Kids have asked a few times, why daddy always obeys mom. What will W/we answer? W/we say that mom has taken care of all household chores for years (which is more or less true). So it is only fair that dad now takes care of cooking and other household chores.

Lina is sometimes a bit jealous for Mistress. Once she asked: why does dad only obey mom and not me. She seems also naturally dominant. She may choose D/s as an adult but that’s up to her entirely. But W/we think it is good for her to know that there are nice men who are docile, who obey and respect Women and do their share of housework.

Mats on the other hand is quite shy and passive, and Mistress has made fun saying that he would need a strong woman in his life. W/we think it would be OK if kids would find female supremacy using this practical life example W/we are giving, but W/we are not pushing it on either of them.

In O/our case Mistress is also taking part in many chores, so kids don’t find the home routine totally odd. However W/we have quite reversed roles, She takes care of many typical male chores, like maintenance, woodwork etc. She uses me as a helping hand in those chores that require a lot of physical force. In posts to follow i will describe how She has handled building projects on Her own using hired workmen. Kids think all this is natural as they have grown into this.


  1. How old are your children? When your daughter will be of age and turns out to be dominant, will you have to obey her then as well?

  2. Probably kids will be leaving home in about 5 years. After that it's just the two of us and finally a possibility for expressing D/s openly in everyday life. Maybe W/we even move to a secluded place that even allows nudity or slave outfits outdoors. W/we take care not to reveal O/our sexual or D/s life to O/our kids.