Sunday, 4 July 2010

Made drunk by Mistress


It’s already late as i get home after evening meetings that i have of course informed Mistress beforehand. i get to dress into my nightwear: sleeveless tight shirt and pyjama pants. The pants have however have come apart, and Mistress orders me to bend at the waist an show my humiliating costume to Mats so that he can laugh at me as well.

She lets me drink two glasses of wine. After being kept practically sober for 4 months i get completely intoxicated. Next She orders me to wipe up the kitchen table of old dirt, and clean up the kitchen otherwise. As She gets upstairs i go to my laptop, but i hear Her come down and hurry back to clean the kitchen before She sees me.

Mistress orders me to write a letter to my old aunt. i have not written any letter for ages but the task is easy when you’re drunk.

Upstairs Mistress grills me about my time usage. i try to prove i have not used net.

She says next Friday, as kids are in school and W/we are both at home, i will have to wash up the ceiling wearing only a small apron.

We –


We do some rounds in the house, She adds tasks to my task list. i may disentangle the mess of wiring in my study, and open the sewer under the bathroom sink and clear it thoroughy.

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