Monday, 5 July 2010

Maid in apron


i wake up early and read more from francescaspizza, make some gruel, get the paper and lay the breakfast table. As soon as kids leave W/we start to discuss about stating right away. i may lower the curtains and follow Mistress upstairs with an apron.

i must get naked, take out the electric dog training collar, don the apron, and put the collar – not on my genitals as i thought – but on my neck like dogs wear it. After a little testing She gives me a shock that gets me startled, even though the setting is low. Then i must teeter downstairs wearing only this little apron and get a bucket, toothbrush, detergent and a washcloth. i’ll have to reclean the toilet floor as the smell of pee did not vanish. i set to work and brushed this time also the toilet bowl thoroughly in my humiliating costume.

Mistress returns upstairs, checks my work, and gives me a shock for forgetting what i was going to be shocked for. Then i must but the equipment away. Before starting handwashing Her sweater, She orders me to patter back upstairs to get dirty laundry to the washing machine. Then i must put a big bowl on a work surface, add water and two spoonfuls of detergent and start scrubbing Her favourite sweater. i continue mechanically. i notice that in this position the glans of my erect clitty hits easily the edge of the work surface, and i start doing it deliberately while scrubbing until i understand that it is masturbation and i let the clitty down.

Mistress gets by, notes that the water is cloudy, and i must change the water and rinse it and put it to dry. Then i must plan the lunch: soy marinated salmon, wild rice and sauce mornay. i may put the salmon to marinate right away, and go the clean my shelf in the bathroom. After that She orders me to dress to outdoors clothes, W/we go out. i take a raincoat as it is raining. i must carry equipment to the shed, empty the rowing boat, do some raking, covering some plants, open the spouts and then back in. There i continue on a run like all morning.

i start preparing all the dishes, they turn out fine. Then i serve the lunch, draw a chair for Mistress, offer some wine, which She doesn’t want. W/we eat, She orders me to get Her remote and She gives me a level 2 shock just for the fun of it. It makes me jump a little, mainly for the fright. Then She orders me to change the shock collar to my genitals, and surprise, i can’t even feel the level 1 shock behind my balls. Also #2 feels mild. Is the neck more sensitive?

i still have to remove some ceiling ornaments in my ruffles (that benefit me also by absorbing my precum so it doesn’t drip on the floor) and go out to the balcony to hang some laundry there, still early naked. She allows me to bend my knees and make myself as small as possible to avoid being seen by anybody (unlikely, the balcony is mostly to the sea). The wind is hard, making the job difficult.

Soon Lina comes homes from school, so i change to regular clothes. In the evening my prostate is sore for the first time without any mapipulating of the genitals. W/we watch an art movie chosen by Mistress, i prepare supper and take the kids to their hobbies and back.


  1. I am looking every day for new posts in your blog. I hope nothing serious has happened that made you stop writing.

    Please, post a sign of life.



  2. Oh thanks for your comment, nice to see a reader alive as well.

    Sorry, i was on vacation with Lina (accounts about that to be posted later). Now my posts will continue. Please note that Mistress gives me very little net time, which may restrict my posting possibilities from time to time.